1. I think housing is perfectly fine how it is, but either way, I think i'd like to see Pearls added to Housing, PvP in specific.

    Pearls could have a good use for Pearl Clutches and/or escaping another player.

    This is just my opinion, keep in mind, let me know what you think!
  2. /wis
    untill theres a way to disable it, then sure. this sounds good.
  3. Why not just add the Space Stone?
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  4. Maybe teleport sticks instead of pearls, would cause less chaos and they’re easy to use
  5. Hi there,

    I quite agree with your idea because it would be cool for PvP maps
    Personally I don't get your point. /wis will make your used enderpearls come back which shouldn't really matter because you will get them back after dying anyways

    Adding on to your thread again, ZoneFall, I think that they'd also have to make it a bit like skywars where there is ender mastery, only but it's available for everyone.

    Overall your idea is great :D
  6. I'd love to see that update.

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