1. Is Ender Armor good? Like if you don't do many dragons at all. Or is it worse than hardened diamond. Cause I have hardened diamond, and I would like some stronger armor, but I don't have the money for the auction yet. And I don't want to have to spawn tons of dragons. Soo... What I was wondering is, IS THE ENDER ARMOR BETTER THAN HARDENDED DIAMOND? :eek:
  2. Yes. It’s better
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  3. It is only good in the end. In other places, it sucks
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  4. Ok, thanks!
  5. It does, man. Ok... Well... Is Dragon Armor good in other places besides The End?
  6. Dragon armor is the best currently. The worst one of them is protector or old. If you want to get a dragon armor, i suggest get yound or old then wise or strong. Young and old are not too expensive
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  7. Like how much? I don't look at much armor at the auction?
  8. In the overworld it’s still better than harden. Just give little less def
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  9. Wise cost 4mil
    Strong cost 6-7mil
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  10. _PixelSlayer_

    _PixelSlayer_ Active Member

    Ender armor is cheap and nasty but great in the end. Dragon armor is great most placed dependant on the type and your playing style but pricey
  11. Ok, alright. Well, I may try and get it. And maybe try and sell it for more coins, so I can buy better armor, I dunno. :D
  12. If u can afford young get it (1.5-2 mil) if not then go for End armor, then young
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  13. If you need any guide, you can ask me in conversation
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  14. Ok, I only got like a few thousand rn. But it might not take to long to get to a million, I can get some farms going. :D
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  15. Young is basically ender armor with farmer boots. In my opinion not worth it.
    If something cheap and worth it’s price i would recommend old
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  16. K, thx.
  17. Dang, yeah go for ender (also build a clay minion farm for some money!) 10 tier 6 clay minions would get you at least 200K per day I would say on a rough estimate
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  18. You r saying you don't have 50k
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  19. notnotmelon

    notnotmelon Active Member

    i remember when the end update first dropped ender armor was going for more than a million coins

    how far we have fallen
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  20. It's better in the end, but outside of that, others are better.
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