1. i just got emerald armor and i have 800,000 in my collection and i got a 200+ defence in total so that 50 per piece, BUT it says For every 3000 emeralds in collections its +1 defence and health max 300 per peace, so theoretically i should have around 270 per pieve and have a total of 1000+ defence and the max is 300 each being a total of 1200 maxing OUT at 900,000 collection??? im am a wrong? sirry ny engrish is brioken i was rapid typing???? WTF
  2. It's not per piece, it's for the whole set. So basically, you just get +300 bonus not +1200.
  3. so that fas a wucking lie
  4. upload_2019-9-19_7-1-1.png

    Armors set bonuses will state in their description if they apply to every piece. For example:

    (Armor of Growth set)

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