1. Economy Breaking Money Making Method
    - yes - another one -

    Hello guys, since I've been thinking of this method for quite some time now and it was never possible, because of the unstable armor not targeting every single entity, but only specific ones (which didn't include Magma Cubes), I was unable to make a money making method out of my idea..
    But since the update today changed the unstable armor to work on every entity on your private island again, this is the result of my research as well as a guide to your newly improved Money Making Method..

    Good luck building the farm and I hope you guys enjoy the free money ;)
    As I am pretty new to Youtube though I would appreciate a feedback on the video as well as if you have any ideas for future videos just let me know :3

    TL;DR - I found another way to use the unstable armors ability to make money. With money I mean a lot money - (way more than clay and any other minion in the game currently)
    Basically it's Unstable Magma Cube Farm 2.0 (Unstable Farm + Magma Cube Farm)
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  2. by the way it's actually viable not only "clickbaity" ._.
  3. Tl;Dr please
    also how much money does it make per day (more than 1m? (20 clay))
    bump also
  4. Myxo

    Myxo New Member

    delete rn
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  5. yay cant wait for aotds, superior and unstable to blow up in money again
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  6. depends on your minion count, but with 20 minions you can make 3+ million easily :3
  7. its only 180k per day i think, from skimming through the vid
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  8. nvm wat
  9. it's 180k per day PER MINION
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    just watched it through..
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  11. reeee now this is going to get patched/nerfed
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  12. lit vid LUL
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  13. you can still use it as long as it's viable..
    and don't you worry - even if this is getting patched I have another (not AS crazy, but still crazier than any other minion) idea on my mind, that I already tested, that's also working ;)
  14. Why do all money making methods need unstable set ? Because I need money to buy the set but to get money I need the set... (infinite loop)
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  15. SnowAj

    SnowAj Active Member

    Clicker simulator 2.0
  16. create a private convo w/ me maybe?? i wont leak :)
  17. Well I understand that, but since the prices dropped in the last couple of days (because of the nerf it was actually quite easy to get one..)

    But I understand your frustration..
    On the other hand though this is a kind of high risk - high reward situation
  18. Mhh ok i will see if someone in my discord friend list have the set to borrow him/her
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  19. Afk farm again, seems pathetic but idc.

    Imagine staffs just disable the unstable's ability in private island, like the rod, everyone is gonna cry :D
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  20. People will turn to blaze armor
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