1. Hi, Last few weeks I've enjoyed to play a few games of blitz whenever I have time to do so. Just for fun I have no goals or anything I want to achieve. But sooner or later I started noticing that I was earning coins very very fast.

    It actually suprised me so I wanted to see what it takes to get the 1 million coin milestone and compare the difference between 4/5 years ago and now.

    I got my first and last lvl 9 to 10 upgrade (spel X) in july 2015 with a 1.5 multiplier and it took me:
    in 2015
    - 20.000 kills
    - 1700 wins
    - 1 full year of grinding
    - hundreds of hours
    - multiple buckets of sweat
    - being on the weekly leaderboards for weeks straight
    - tryharding to the point I had macro keys set to trashtalk someone that killed me (no, I don't want to talk about it :rolleyes:)
    I starten playing again after the kit stats were introduced and I had around 25k coins so I can have exact numbers. It took me:
    - 3.117 kills
    - 242 wins
    - 574 losses
    - 42 hours of playing
    - 817 total games
    - 2 months of playing casually (ofcours I try to win but no tryharding at all.

    Conclusion? I wasted my time because I could get a lvl 9 upgraded to a lvl 10 in 2 months instead of a full year and 1 more year to get the kit to lvl 9.

    Or did I waste my time? Personally I don't think so, yes the number 1.000.000 is the exact same as 5 years ago but there's one big difference. It doesn't mean anyhting to me, there is no satisfaction or a feeling that I achieved something special.

    I think that is the big difference between blitz back then vs now. Reaching certain numbers don't feel as an achievment but just as a number, that I miss about the old game.

    What will I do with my 1mil coins? Nothing. Why have another lvl X when you already have the best X in the game wich obviously is spel X ;)
    This is just a post that I thought would be interesting to read. You don't have to do anything with it if you don't want. Oh, does anyone remember the texturepack? :p
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  2. woow so interesting
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  3. maybe it's not, idk. Felt like sharing it, do whatever you want with it.
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  4. Speleo isn’t very good imo. But this is very interesting to me. Crazy how much the coin gain has changed.
  5. it's the only kit I use, but there are probaply way better kits yea
  6. Don’t take anything he says srsly
  7. Also warrior ranger golem and pigman are now the best xs
  8. shut up florist is the only good kit
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  9. Pigman is okay and Baker is better than golem.
  10. Oh you’re cheaterpocalypse
  11. Yes indeed.
  12. Tormin

    Tormin Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    ay bud whats the texture pack
  13. 2015 and spele thats nostalgic
  14. Spele X? The best kit?

    Whatcha smokin?
  15. I mean both could be considered the best if you know how to use them
  16. I spent like 4 months grinding for armourer 10 at the start of 2016.
  17. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Interesting notes
  18. galactus

    galactus Well-Known Member

    I appreciate this man
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  19. Yqt's pack but idk if you can find it anywhere. I still had it on my pc but it's a really good pack
  20. :confused: ;) I like it because you depend on your own skills and it's a kit that you can play aggressively

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