1. Small intro:
    I play a lot of tower defense games. Like literally. (Mostly Kingdom Rush and Bloons TD 4, 5, 6, Battles, etc.) Have been playing in these strategic games for like 5-6 years now so I think my thoughts/opinions should not be entirely wrong as I have certain experience on this topic.

    Okay anyway, lemme get to the point.

    1. Positive feedback:
    I think this gamemode is really good and can be very well-developed as every update brings new towers, new mobs, balance and maps. This should really be a separate game eventually when it is available for release. (Hell, I would really love to see this like 3-4 years ago)

    2. Problems
    2a: lack of tower balance
    Archer towers are cheap and spammable. The whole game you will just spam them until the end of time because of their high dps. Even with endermites, a few archers accompanied with endermen, slimes and witches will take care of them just fine. There is almost zero hard counters to this tower and it allows you to spend so little on defense while getting away with huge income. Speaking of which though...

    2b: literally an income game
    I mean literally. Income is the number 1 priority in this mode and there is no way around it. Early game: spam the first 4 units. Mid game: spam income pigs and rainbow sheep. Late game: well you greeded so much before and there is literally no reason to income hard since both of you cant beat the mobs anyway. There is no unit that costs you income to send and that is really bad and 90% of the time you will just be spamming the absolute crap out of the send mobs button until you snowball out of control. When you are out of control though, something else might happen:

    2c: end game takes way too long and is boring
    95% of your games end around when you get endermites to about when you have 200k income because your opponents cannot deal with huge "income" swarms. the other 5% however, you will have a really bad time. That is, death rider spam. that is when all your income goes into this single mob type to try and outdrain the lives of your opponent. Using income of course. By the time you get to that point you should probably go all in since defense is practically useless at that point. You will have to spam them until the timer runs out or you get too bored and leave.

    3. Possible solutions
    3a: add mobs with immunity/resistant to tower types
    Archer tower spam? No worries, send a bunch of mobs that resist arrows/sharp objects. The same goes for fire and possibly slow. This should theoretically make the game slightly more interesting as you actually cant braindead spam a single type of tower over and over again.

    3b: some mob type drains income
    This especially is important for game-enders, like ghasts and death riders. This should end stalemates earlier and to try and stop snowballing teams.

    3c: higher level mobs do extra damage
    Every single mob deals 1 damage and I feel like this is unique but also one of the reasons why it is super repetitive and boring. This makes it pointless to use small number of high-cost mobs instead of huge swarms of low- and mid-cost mobs. As for life steals, I would suggest that mobs only steal 1 life back to you but deal extra damage to your opponent, again in order to make stalemates last shorter in late games especially. Increasing the starting lives might be necessary to balance the life drain spikes.

    As for balance details, I guess that will require the community to figure out the perfect number and dev teams to frequently look for advice and ideas of players. I surely look forward to the development of this prototype into a real game.
  2. also stealing the hearts will make the game harder to compete in the later game. like if someone gets 60 hearts along with 3 of others still having 20 hearts, then the one getting 60 hearts will likely dominate the whole game and win almost all the way.

    otherwise, the mobs reached the goal are bringing the hearts to the people who summoned them, so i am not sure if they are "attacking", apparently they are "stealing".

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