1. hi im back again
    i got the solo record and now i got the duos record :)

    ft Majengodagus btw
    i might go for 4v4 but thats sweaty
    ok bye
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  2. not a record. But insanely fast! :eek:
  3. this is a record for DUOs not the whole game, i might sweat on 4v4 tho lol
  4. Ivster

    Ivster Well-Known Member

    The Galaxy Upon Us OFFICER
    Wow ur a god
  5. its not the record.. I have done faster than you're duo record and solo record, ill do it agin tomorrow and post proof of it here
  6. welp you didn't do it
  7. I beat it, and got the record for 3v3v3v3 as well (posting tomorrow). Not gonna do 4v4 either, I agree it's pretty sweaty XD
  8. Yeah no you dont have the solo record.
    You half assed it you need to complete it fully honestly kids like you
  9. I said duos. Check the link mate.
  10. I know but still, you don't have the solo record.
  11. If you do it again LEGIT without the other person forfeiting, then you got yourself a record "mate"
  12. Wow killing one guy who's afk is really amazing
  13. aight whatever, I still will record rounds and if I beat my previous best then it'll be made public
  14. Duos. D-U-O-S. Two people. Neither went afk, watch the video. One tried to dig under the bridge to our base, and the other stayed on top and attempted to knock us off. Both failed.
  15. I watched the video
    On the last goal both were afk

    For the previous two goals one guy was staying under the bridge.

    Tl;dr 2v1 for 2 goals, 2v0 for the last
  16. dawangk

    dawangk Well-Known Member

  17. Chefpita

    Chefpita Member

    Won faster xD but no proof....so rip
  18. dawangk

    dawangk Well-Known Member

    How can you be so good at this game?

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