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    A massive new patch has been released for Duels, available to play now in the Prototype Lobby. For information on what changes are included, check out the details below.

    This patch contains a considerable amount of content as we move towards a more full Duels experience on the server. Lots of systems have been rewritten to provide a better and cleaner experience in Duels, as well as the addition of 2 new maps for all modes, 3 maps for the new SkyWars mode plus OP Doubles, NoDebuff mode and Combo mode.

    As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

    Continue reading to see all the new additions to Duels.

    ▶ New Maps
    After suggestions and feedback from players in-game and on the forums, we have added 2 brand new maps to Duels, Neon and Arena - both with a flat playing area. We will use these as a base and adjust based off your feedback - we may experiment with different layouts, shapes and obstacles if that's what you want us to do!


    ▶ 4 New Modes
    We've added 4 new modes to Duels, all highly requested from the community. These modes include SkyWars Duels (currently 1v1), NoDebuff, Combo, and OP Doubles (2v2). Read on for full descriptions of each mode.

    SkyWars Duels:
    SkyWars has been ported into a 1v1 Duels mode, where you can fight your opponent on one of 3 SkyWars maps. There are no perks, and you can choose any kit from Solo, Teams, Mega or Ranked SkyWars! There are no default items as you can loot your island and mid chests for gear!



    Combo Duels:
    You can now play Combo Duels, where there is no hit delay, reduced knockback, and you must combo your opponent to win! Eat Golden Apples to keep your health up, and keep an eye on your armor durability!

    Kit Items:
    • 2 Sets of Protection V Unbreaking V Diamond Armor (1 set equipped)
    • 1x Sharpness I Diamond Sword
    • 32x God Golden Apples
    • 3x Strength I Potions (2:00)
    • 3x Speed II Potions (2:00)
    • 5x Ender Pearls

    NoDebuff Duels:
    Potion Duels have been removed and replaced with NoDebuff mode. Debuff potions like poison have been removed, and some extra potions and items have been added.

    Kit Items:
    • 1x Sharpness I Fire Aspect I Diamond Sword
    • 16x Ender Pearls
    • 16x Steak
    • 4x Speed II Potions (1:30)
    • 1x Fire Resistance Potion (8:00)
    • Full Set of Protection II Diamond Armor
    OP Doubles:
    You can now play OP Duels as a team of 2 with the same kit items and mechanics as Op Duels.

    Kit Items:
    • 1x Sharpness V Diamond Sword
    • 1x Power IV Bow
    • 1x Fishing Rod
    • 1x Flint and Steel (4 uses)
    • 20x Arrows
    • 6x Golden Apple
    • 1x Splash Speed I Potion (1:00)
    • 1x Splash Regen III Potion (0:30)
    ▶ General Changes

    We have also made quite a few quality of life and general changes in this update, including the addition of a /duel command, more lobby NPCs in other lobbies, and balances to current mode kits to improve the Duels modes. Click the spoiler below to see the full change list.

    Duel Command:
    In this patch, we've introduced a /duel command which you can use to challenge other players to a Duel! Simply type /duel <name> <mode> to send a Duel request! Your opponent will have 60 seconds to accept, and when they do, both players will be warped into a Duel game.



    Lobby NPCs
    You can now join Duel modes from the lobby that the mode is ported from. There will be NPCs added to the UHC, Mega Walls and SkyWars lobbies for all UHC Duels modes, Mega Walls Duels modes and SkyWars Duels modes respectively. Note: playing SkyWars/Mega Walls or UHC Duels will not effect your stats in those games.


    Mode Kit Changes and Balances:
    We have also made some changes to some kits to balance them out and make the Duel experience more enjoyable. You can see all the changes below.

    Classic Duels:
    • Reduced number of Arrows from 10 to 8
    • Added Flint and Steel with 4 durability
    OP Duels:
    • Reduced splash Regeneration potion to Regen I for 30 seconds
    • Reduced Flint and Steel durability
    • Reduced number of Arrows from 30 to 20
    • Reduced number of Golden Apples from 8 to 6

    Bow Duels:
    • Removed Player Tracker compass (was unused)
    • Reduced number of Ender Pearls from 4 to 2
    • Added Punch I to the Bow

    ▶ Misc Changes and Bug Fixes
    • Added player counts to the icon for each mode in the lobby menu
    • Added a recommended mode in the lobby menu
    • General clean-up of the lobby menu
    • Re-wrote and overhauled the Kit selection menu both in-game and in the lobby
    • Leaderboards now stay throughout the Duels game
    • Fixed Ender Pearls not working when they hit a slab or stairs
    • Fixed being able to place blocks (Beds) at the end of a Duel
    • Fixed switching to another item when drinking a Potion
    • Rolled a fix for sometimes taking no knockback in MegaWalls mode
    • Fixed getting stuck in trees
    • Fixed /who showing your opponents name in pregame
    • Added the ability to change your kit at the end of/between rounds
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