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    The new update has been released for Duels, available to play now in the Duels Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions or play it right now by clicking the Duels Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby duels.

    What is in this update?
    • The Bridge Duels
    • 8 new Duels Maps
    • 4 new Bridge Maps
    • Terrain Changes to maps
    • Bug fixes
    • And more!
    As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

    Thanks to all who gave feedback and suggestions in the Duels forum section! :)


    The Bridge
    The Bridge has found its home on the network as part of the Duels lobby! By joining Duels, The Bridge is able to take advantage of many exciting features like ranked seasons, tournaments, win streak leaderboards, cosmetics, and much more.

    We believe The Bridge fits wonderfully in Duels due to its fast-paced gameplay loop and head vs. head format. Like other Duels modes, The Bridge will have 3 variants - The Bridge Duels (1v1), The Bridge Doubles (2v2), and The Bridge Teams (4v4). In addition, both 2v2v2v2 and 3v3v3v3 modes are making the jump to the Duels lobby.

    NOTE: All stats and achievements will be transferred from Prototype to The Bridge Duels ASAP. Don't worry if you're missing some stats/achievements from while the game was in Prototype! They will be updated as soon as possible. This message will be updated when the transfer is complete.

    Why The Bridge Duels?
    We feel that The Bridge fits best in Duels due to the similarities of the two games - from the gameplay, development, and community perspective. As mentioned above, both The Bridge and other Duels modes share a fast-paced, team vs. team style. Additionally, Duels' has been a proven success in competitive aspects like tournaments and ranked, which made it a no-brainer to add The Bridge as a permanent Duels mode.

    From a developer standpoint, we realized that both games shared many concepts that made The Bridge a logical fit. There were several internal systems from Duels that we were able to improve by merging the two, including layout editing and combat handling. Though these changes won't immediately be noticed from a player's point of view, the merging of the two codebases will allow for faster development of new features for both Duels and The Bridge in the future.

    Finally, we believe that the communities of each game will mutually benefit. While The Bridge has maintained quality player numbers throughout its life in Prototype, they are not enough to justify giving the game its own lobby. In fact, the amount of players playing each Bridge mode is similar to what a typical Duels mode looks like day-to-day. We hope that this move will give existing Duels' players a new mode to try out while introducing a whole new set of players to an already strong community.

    Here are a list of features that we are able to add to The Bridge out-of-the-box by making it part of the Duels Lobby:
    • The Bridge Tournaments (1v1)
    • The Bridge ranked seasons
    • Rematches
    • Cosmetic titles
    • Integration with the /duel command
    • Daily Win Streak and Win/Loss Differential leaderboards
    • Auras cosmetic
    • Kill Messages cosmetic
    • Victory Dances cosmetic
    Terrain Changes


    We have added a new system to Duels, which we will be trialing, which will dynamically make change to the terrain of the map to suit the mode! In some modes you will notice that the terrain has become bumpier, and pillars have showed up!

    We hope this feature improves gameplay, and we will be looking out for feedback on the system to improve it in the future!

    New Maps
    We've added 12 new maps in total, including 6 Duels maps, 2 Sumo Duels maps and 4 maps for The Bridge. To continue celebrating the Halloween season, we've added 1 especially spooky The Bridge map. All Bridge maps also have an associated 2v2v2v2/3v3v3v3 version!

    Big thanks to the Hypixel Builders who did an amazing job with all the new Bridge and Duels maps!

    4 New Bridge Maps




    6 New Duels Maps






    2 New Sumo Duels Maps



    General Changes
    We have made a lot of changes to the game to improve the quality as a result of merging Bridge and Duels.

    Blitz Duels
    Blocks have been removed from Blitz Duels and Fishing Rods have been added. We plan on completely revamping Blitz Duels soon, with different maps and balanced kits, so expect changes soon! :)

    Win Streaks
    We have started tracking win streaks all time per mode, and will begin displaying that winstreak instead of your daily win streak at the end of each game and in the menu icons. Note: the daily winstreak leaderboard will remain in-game. This just means that we will begin tracking winstreaks if, for example, you get a 1000 winstreak over a week.

    Other changes:
    • Improved formatting of leaderboards to be more consistent with other leaderboards on the network.
    • Improve damage message shown above hotbar to display the hearts your opponent has left.
    • Increased velocity of fishing rod hook.
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  2. Sees Terrain
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  3. Dang, this is gonna be cool!
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  4. New map hype :D
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  5. Hefix

    Hefix Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    first page! hypE
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  6. Velt

    Velt Well-Known Member

    The terrain is cool, adding a lot of strategy and the new maps look great! Great work on the update.

    My only piece of advice is for Bridge Duels to only add 1v1s, and don't make kills farmable... Like only one kill counts towards stats and the main adjective is then to score!

    Health in tab should be added back, which I don't think should have been removed. As well there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed ASAP with this update.

    I hope you consider this and HYPE!
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  7. You can’t see health in tab anymore, which I believe is a feature that should not have been removed. I am aware you can see it on the side, but hitting tab provided the most accurate comparison between your own health and your opponents.
    EDIT: from what I’ve seen you’ve fixed it, thank you <3
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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  8. Ok. I don't like this whatsoever. At least in uhc duels, this is horrible. I'm a uhc master 3, and this terrain change are SO BAD. Someones watering, but he cant. Theres now "high" and "low" ground. You have to jump on blocks. I mean, for other duels, yes. This is good. But to remove health from tab, and make the terrain bumpy for uhc duels, sorry. I don't play much uhc because of this and uhc duels is really bad to play rn. Sorry for the negativity, I just don't like this.
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  9. Nope. For uhc it isn't for me.
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  10. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I liked duels when the maps were flat.
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  11. Also, one more thing. In uhc duels if you get someone down in a corner and because of the bumpy terrain you can liddrly keep them their forever until your rod breaks. You lava them there its gg. Please remove this for uhc duels :(
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  12. AgneCat

    AgneCat Well-Known Member

    merry christmas
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  13. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

    thorn v2 THORN
    Cool! I like the bridge duels
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  14. Nice to see the map changes, will be good for more strategies and less boring gameplay of people running in circles
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  16. So I was right, the random blobs on uhc maps were a feature. (get the meme?)
  17. I disagree. In uhc it ruins the water save mechanic, making it way more difficult and games much shorter. No problem with that, but you don't jump in uhc unless your running. Hugley disagree with this update
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  19. NOT HYPE! How can you like this for uhc duels !!!?!?!?!?!???!
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