1. ive got to say the new ranked duels is so cancerous
  3. Jet711

    Jet711 Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    4th update in the past week? The admins are REALLY working their butts off! What's next, a Crazy Walls update on Thursday and a Murder Mystery update on Saturday? :eek:
  4. noice
  5. Can we make the classic duels map around the size of the new ranked maps? People running away and abusing natural regen is a big problem, and most games seem to last longer than UHC duels games.
  6. Not gonna lie that banner looks like something else that isn't a sword. I know I have a dirty mind but come on you could have tried a bit harder guys
  7. Love this update :)
  8. PolarPr0

    PolarPr0 New Member

    Please make it so matches start instantly so queue dodging doesn’t work, 6hrs (#2) currently leaves before fighting anyone in division 1 to keep his rating up and it’s unfair @Nitroholic_
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  9. Nice! Time to start the hype train again. XD
  10. ranked is going to be full of queue evaders rip!
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  11. Two nice updates so close together! I love it!
  12. i would use the ranked skywars way instead with the divisions in all modes
  13. Nice, looking good!
  14. Why didnt you add skyclash duels like the skyclash community has requested ever since duels came out. Great update but im seriously tired of staff ignoring skyclash in every sense possible.
  15. I got here before the thread got to a billion pages, go me!

    Oh, and uh, cool update.
  16. there wasn’t any need to make the maps smaller...
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  17. I’m already on a streak, thanks for the update

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