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    Hey all!

    Today we have released a new patch to Duels, available to play now in the Duels Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions or play it right now by clicking the Duels Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby duels.

    What is in this update?
    • New Duels Seasons
    • New Map
    • Tweaked Lobby Layout
    As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

    New Duels Season
    For the new Duels Season, we have redesigned the ranked system to be more enjoyable for both veteran, and newer players to a competitive Minecraft environment. The Duels Season has been moved into its own NPC, and, for the first season with the new system, UHC Duels will be the ranked mode.

    As usual, a minimum of 200 Duels wins are required to partake and gain any of the new rewards in the new Duels Season.

    So, how does the new season work?
    At the beginning, instead of ELO, players will climb Divisions by gaining Stars when playing in the Season. All players start in Division 9.


    A win will gain you 1 star, and a loss will lose you a star. If you are on a 5+ winstreak, you will gain 2 stars per win, allowing you to quickly climb the ranks.

    10 stars are required per Division to go up a division, however if you lose 5 games in a row with 0 stars into a Division, you will lose 5 stars, dropping a Division (your loss streak is reset upon dropping a division).

    What about ELO and my position, is that now gone?
    Nope! For the top players in the Duels Season who reach Division 1, you will start gaining ELO instead of stars, and you will see your position among all Division 1 players based off of your ELO.


    You can look at the leaderboard in the lobby to see the ELO of the top 10 players in the Duels Season!

    Lastly, we have added a bunch of new rewards to the Duels Season to reward players who reach the top ranks! These rewards range from Hypixel Experience and Coin Boosters, to Titles and a Duels Banner Gadget!


    Developer Comments:
    We felt that the previous system just didn't work as we wanted it to, as it split the community between players who wanted to grind for the top positions, and players who wanted to grind wins and winstreaks. As a result, we spent some time designing and creating the new system, which we hope will be enjoyable for newer players coming into the new Duels Season, and veteran players who want a competitive environment to show their skill in.

    New Map
    For the new Duels Season, we have released a new map which is slightly smaller than the normal Duels Maps - this map is 61x61, instead of the normal 81x81. We hope this smaller map will encourage more combat due to it being slightly smaller.


    Other Changes
    The layout of NPCs in the lobby has been tweaked to include more mode specific NPCs and to emphasize the ranked, all modes and featured mode NPCs. We will be collecting data from this change to see the effect it has on games players join.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with Mega Walls Duels causing servers to crash.
    • Disabled a map which caused a lot of lag in Blitz Duels.
    • Fixed a bug which caused someone else's stats menu to be displayed instead of your own.
    • Fixed end game message being empty for some modes.
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  2. That looks pretty good. Though aesthetically the NPCs don't look the best in that configuration. Maybe another platform to further raise the NPCs in the back would be better. One block higher would be nice. The main issue being the holograms above them.
    The map looks great though (the added one)
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  3. hypov

    hypov Well-Known Member

    mybhad BHAD
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  4. Nice job nitro and the devs
    Update looks cool
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  5. conjured

    conjured Active Member

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  6. Plenty of rage at losing ELO ranking incoming... :(
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  7. !!!
  8. [​IMG]

    I thought it was only a 3 winstreak required @Nitroholic
  9. Wait is this specifically for duels or all types of duels ie: bridge sw duels sumo
  10. TOTAL HYPE DUELS NEEDED THIS SO BAD Edit: first page hype
  11. this update looks cool but I'm bad at pvp so I will probably not play duels

    maybe I will try it out
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  12. Yay on first page for the first time! I think

    Thanks for the dislike MacintoshOS for just being excited. Hooray
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  13. It was changed to 5 because we felt a 3 winstreak would be too easy to get.
    Currently it is only for UHC Duel. You can click on the Duels Season NPC in the lobby to see the current ranked mode.
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  14. M4rkus

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    ArtOfWar ART0W
    Awesome! Already played in the season and i like the new system :)
  15. @Nitroholic_ It looks nice but why the winstreak and everything like you guys are great at when people are doing good making them feel even better but when we lose a lot (like me) than we just feel worse
  16. Also, can wwe have a bit more variety in the duels maps? Like they are all just flat it would be a lot more fun if we could have some gradual rises like stair cases and some little hills and dips not big ones but just a little higher and lower it would look nicer and be mroe fun to work with @Nitroholic_
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  17. Qilla

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    Update UPDATE
    Guild Master
  18. This isn't the system that will work. Making a different ranked mode makes it so hackers only play this mode. I hope that you have played a couple of games and then you will see the amount of hackers is actually insane. I don't think this will work out if you want to do this with all modes.
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