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    The new update has been released for Duels, available to play now in the Duels Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions or play it right now by clicking the Duels Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby duels.

    ▶ What is in this update?
    • Duels Season
    • New SkyWars Duels maps
    • Improvements to Division Titles
    • Lots of bug fixes and QOL improvements
    • And more!
    As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

    Thanks to all who gave feedback and suggestions in the 1.2 Update Proposal thread! :)
    ▶ Duels Seasons
    Seasons have been added to Duels, an update to the position titles you could previously equip for UHC and SkyWars Duels, now available for all modes in Duels. Duels Seasons last 3 months and a minimum of 250 overall wins are required to be able to equip the position titles and to be placed on the leaderboards in a Season.

    Similar to how the UHC and SkyWars position titles worked, in a Duels Season as you play more of a certain mode and do better in that mode, your position will improve!

    Note: Over the course of the first season, things may change to improve the system. We're always looking for feedback and suggestions for the network so feel free to reply with any feedback or suggestions you may have.

    ▶ New SkyWars Duels Maps
    3 new maps have been added to SkyWars Duels, brought over from ranked SkyWars. Open the spoilers below to view the new maps.


    ▶ Statuses and Division Titles

    With this update, we have introduced division titles for all modes. Now you can unlock win Division titles for all mode categories in Duels, not just SkyWars and UHC! On top of that, we have re-enabled Division titles displaying above your head in the lobbies after some performance improvements! Currently, Diamond+ and position titles can be displayed above your head.

    On top of that, we have introduced a new Division: Grandmaster. Grandmaster requires 5000 modes wins or 10000 overall wins. As a result, Godlike has been bumped up to 10000 mode wins or 20000 overall wins.

    Title progress message displayed at the end of each Duel
    On top of that, Division levels have been added to all Divisions as stepping stones towards the next Division. There are 5 levels to each division before you level up to the next division, for example: Gold, Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV, Gold V. You can view your progress in the lobby via the Browse Division Titles menu or at the end of each Duel.

    Godlike will cap at level 10 or Godlike X - 30000 mode wins or 60000 overall wins.


    Furthermore, in the Season & Progression Menu you can now open the Change your Status menu to select a status to display above your head. This allows you display different information above your head, from "Looking to 1v1" or "Just chillin'" to the number of Trophies that you have or your best Win Streak!

    ▶ General Changes
    A bunch of new achievements have been added to Duels, including 2 new tiered achievements and 11 new one time achievements!

    A full list of the new achievements can be seen in the spoiler below:
    • Gone Fishing - 5 points - Catch a fish
    • Build Battle Duels - 5 points - Place 128 blocks in a single Duels game and win
    • Getting Loot - 5 points - Open a Duels Loot Chest
    • Speedy Sumo - 5 points - Win a Sumo Duel game in 5 seconds or less
    • Close Call! - 10 points - Use all your health potions in a NoDebuff Duel and win
    • Hawk's Eye - 10 points - Win a Bow Duels game with 100% bow accuracy
    • Lobby Slayer - 10 points -Get a 10 kill streak in the lobby Battle Arena
    • Definitely Hungry - 10 points - Eat all 32 Golden Apples in a game of Combo Duels and win
    • Shut Down - 15 points - Defeat someone who is on a win streak of 15 or more
    • Ace! - 15 points - Kill all 4 enemies in a UHC Teams game
    • Untouchable - 15 points - Win a game of Duels without taking any damage
    • Climbing the Ranks - 5 Tiers - Achieve x Title in any mode
    • Duels Traveller - 5 Tiers - Win a Duel on x different maps

    Furthermore, to balance out the kits more in SkyWars Duels, we have decided to remove Mega Kits from SkyWars Duels. You will still be able to select from Ranked, Teams and Solo kits, but Mega Kits will no longer be available. We felt that the Mega kits weren't balanced for a 1v1 situation, so they have been removed.

    We have also made the Battledome map added in the 1.0 update available for all modes. Previously Battledome was only available for 4v4 modes.


    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of general changes.

    • Added a 5 second delay at the start of each match in Sumo Tournaments to allow players to load in
    • You can now only select your best division title per mode
    • Increased the number of Ender Pearls in NoDebuff Duels from 5 to 12
    • Reduced Flint and Steel in Classic Duels to 2 uses from 3
    • Improved /duel system to hopefully stop instances where the server was full or you aren't paired up with the correct opponent
    • Added Battledome map for all modes. This map was previously only used for 4v4 modes
    • Added Lifetime Tournament Trophies leaderboard in the lobby
    • Added Duels Season position leaderboard for all modes in the lobby (select a mode to view its position leaderboard)
    • You will be sent a message if your opponent or teammates chat is disabled via the settings menu

    ▶ Bug Fixes
    Over the past month or so we have been rolling out patches here and there to fix those pesky bugs everyone hates in Duels, as a result you may have noticed the fixes already.

    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of bug fixes.

    • Fixed a bug where you could build out of the map in Backwood
    • Fixed "More Damage" achievement being awarded to spectators in Tournaments
    • Fixed bugs with games not ending in Team Duels modes
    • Fixed errors causing chunks to be missing at the start of the game or in a rematch
    • Fixed a bug which caused your opponent to go invisible in a rematch
    • Fixed a bug where you or your opponent wouldn't spawn in their cage at the start of a SkyWars Duel or in tournaments
    • Fixed Blacksmith kit in SkyWars Duels not receiving the enchantment books when the layout was edited
    • Fixed streak leaderboard in-game having a line which said "ArmorStand"
    • Fixed Duels Player quest being completed by spectators in a tournament
    • Fixed a bug with victory dances which let you spawn wherever you want in a rematch
    • Fixed not being to use /achat as a spectator in Duels
    • Fixed bow spleef map having no TNT at the start of a game
    • Fixed Fight Arena in the lobby resetting your visibility settings
    • Fixed titles not displaying before your name in spectator chat
    • Fixed being able to break topper blocks
    • Fixed Dragon Rider victory dance not breaking blocks
    • Fixed typo in kill messages
    • Fixed "Smiley" kill effect not being visible when previewing in the lobby
    • Fixed timer not reducing in tournaments with private parties
    • Fixed unnecessary empty lines in the scoreboard
    • Fixed grammatical errors in Duel command messages
    • Fixed players outside of the Fight Arena in the lobby being able to hurt players in it
    • Fixed Assassin Mega Walls class still being visible when using ability
    • Fixed players being able to leave and re-enter the Fight Arena when in combat to instantly regain health
    • Fixed being able to take weapons out of the Fight Arena
    • Fixed unranked players being able to fly in the lobby when they leave the Fight Arena
    • Fixed Loot Chest are being a block too high
    • Fixed Mega Walls class passives carrying over to other games
    • Fixed players hunger bar being depleted if they joined a different game on a server they were on before
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  4. Already have been playing the update for a bit, i like it ALOT. Hope these updates now get spreaded along all the games now! :) :D

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