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  1. Hello fellow Hypixians!

    Hypixel is known for it's vast range of minigames. Most of them are based on some form of pvp. That's why I would like to introduce a minigame that adds a mode to the duels. Knockback duels! Ultimately this gamemode has two purposes: Practicing rodding and combo's, and having fun.

    Currently there are two gamemodes:

    Two players spawn on opposite sides of a strip with dyed leather armor and a knockback I fishing rod. After countdown they run towards the middle. They then rod and hit eachother with the rod in order to knock back their opponent. You can't pass a player (you can't run past a player towards his side nor can you get knocked to the wrong side). You win by either knocking the player into his startzone (your armorcolor). Or if the time runs out (2 minutes) and both players are located in a playing field in your armorcolor. This will effectively teach new players pvp combat techniques and it proved to be a lot of fun when I made and played this game with friends on my own (local) server.
    This mode features a map that is circular. The objective is to either stay on top of the middle block for the longest or knock the other player in the void. After 2 minutes the game ends and the player who was king of the hill most of that time is crowned victor.
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  2. Cuayy

    Cuayy Well-Known Member

    Sigil OFFICER
    Nice! How about making it so you should run around a circular arena in an attempt to knock the opponent into the void?
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  3. Could be another map mode :) I'll edit and add the two modes :) I'll call yours "King Of The Hill" and the other one "Player Push" untill someone responds with better names :)
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  4. Added your idea! Thanks for the feedback :)
  5. Maomi

    Maomi Member

    Also an idea: Have something below the King of The Hill map that will kill them, instead of void.
    aka. Lava, Redstone Traps, TNT, anything that will kill you.
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  6. Camobotic

    Camobotic Well-Known Member

    Yes: IDK i just like agreeing to things
  7. I like this :) Maybe when you play with more than 2, you drop down into a tnt drop arena? This way, if you get knocked of first, you can still come in second or third place if you can dodge tnt :)
    If you play with 2 players, the winning player can decide how the dropped player will be finished (tnt, lava, void, drowned, mobs, etc)
  8. Owned_By_G

    Owned_By_G New Member

    This is a good idea. I would love to play this with my friends. This is good for duels and you can try and do a streak. Or, you can just make it into a big mini game.:)
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  9. Thanks :) You captured my intentions quite perfectly. It's to practice your combo's and rod skills, but also to have fun with friends :) Glad you like the idea as much as me :)
  10. Pretty good ideas! I would like to be able to get better at using the rod, and this would do that.

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