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  1. Crotiont

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    Introduction: Today I will be telling you about an idea that I had a while back about a new type of potions duel. I hope you enjoy.


    Written Description: There are many new potions in this potion duel. The potions for this new duel are thirteen healing one potions, which are stacked, three potions of harming one, two splash poison two potions, which last three seconds, two splash poison 1 potions, which last 5 seconds each, one strength potion, which is the same as the Skywars strength potion in the energix kit, one splash blindness potion, which last three seconds, one slowness potion, which also last three seconds, one speed one potion that last 15 seconds, and finally, a regeneration one potion, which last 10 seconds. I am glad that we’ve got that out of the way, and now that we have, here are the rest of the items: You get full chainmail armor and a wooden sword. These are all of the items that you would getting in a Potion Duel V2.


    List of Items:

    1x Wooden Sword

    Full chainmail armor


    10x Splash Healing 1 potions (stacked)

    2x Splash Harming 1 potions (not stacked)

    2x Splash Poison 2 potions - 3 sec.

    2x Splash Poison 1 potions - 8 sec.

    1x Strength potion (same strength as Skywars strength potion) 5 sec.

    1x Splash Blindness potions - 3 sec.

    1x Splash Slowness 1 potion - 4 sec.

    1x Speed 1 potion - 15 sec.

    1x Regeneration 1 potion - 10 sec.


    Conclusion: Thank you for reading this very long thread about the Potion Due V2. Please vote on the poll, leave the rating you see fit, and, as always, have a great day.
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