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    Hey and welcome to Drops' guild page.

    Drops is a guild owned by @Sweatily and co-owned by @MinecraftPlaysMC founded in 2016 by Sweatily (7068307864), RedQ, and JaquanFromSafeway of whom the latter two have moved on from minecraft. We mainly focus on PVP centered games mainly BSG, UHC, and Duels, but are glad to take a stride in more casual and relaxed ones like Arcade and many of the Classic games.

    We currently after being "re-founded" in November after numerous failed attempts at success in the past with restructures and reformations have reached the #5 position on BSG guild leaderboards, as well as the #3 (fluctuation between 2 and 3) spot stat-wise with BSG. We have a consistent top 10 placement in monthly and weekly leaderboards, as well as having gained over 130 million guild experience in total. We're always looking for active players so /g invite is an open command for all.

    There are no rules for language but there are for cheating and boosting, if caught you will be blacklisted from the guild, possibilities for the removal of the blacklist are an option but there'd most likely be top level guilds that would accept you either way.

    Current Roster - 91 Total - As of 10/3/2019

    Guild Staff - 12
    Standouts and OG's- 23
    the standouts rank is given to guild members with either high stats or high activity within the guild whereas OG's is reserved for old guild members who may not be as active anymore.

    Member - 56

    Application Format

    IGN -
    Why you want to join -
    Main Game -
    Age (not required) -

    To join our discord visit our plancke page and click the link in the guild description.
    note that we have no rules on language/obscenity, so if you do join, don't say you weren't warned.

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  2. Best of luck with your guild ^-^
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  3. Good luck with the guild :>
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  4. updated player list and IGN's as well as added a milestone.
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  5. Good Luck
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  6. 3DModel

    3DModel Active Member

    Lamron 300
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  8. Good luck! ^w^
  9. IGN - Spidyyyy
    Why you want to join - I don't because you hack
    Main Game - Blitz
    Age (not required) - 18

    Gl for the applicants ! :)
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  10. I
    Thought you quit? If you're just gonna come in here to start things then please move it to my DM's rather not have a flame war which is why any replies will be ignored lest you DM any complaints.
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  11. IGN -Tokyoghoulzz
    Why you want to join - Big fans of the players on your team, recently apart of the guild through the Blitz community. invited by MinecraftplaysMC, i think i have alot to learn and add to your guild
    Main Game - Blitz
    Age (not required) 19
  12. technically accepted I guess lmao
  13. Enlightened_Evil

    Enlightened_Evil Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your guild
    You needed the bump :rolleyes:
  14. thanks cutie ;) now I have to update the member list
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  15. Enlightened_Evil

    Enlightened_Evil Well-Known Member

    How to make someone follow you "Hey cutie" :eek:
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  16. Best guild of 2019
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  17. eeriness

    eeriness Well-Known Member

    Drops DROPS
    update my name & rank
    also bump i guess
  18. alritghty
  19. updated information
  20. I am interested to join
    IGN - WinterWyvern
    Why you want to join - Because I want more active players to play with
    Main Game - UHC (7 star)
    Age (not required) - 20

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