What's your opinion on gambling?

  1. It's against the rules and it's wrong to do

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  2. It's against the rules and it should be allowed

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  3. It's not against the rules and it's wrong to do

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  4. It's not against the rules and it should be allowed

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  1. Hello fellow players,

    Yesterday I've been banned for gambling on Skyblock. I know players say it's bannable, but actually I don't think this should even be bannable. For that, I have three reasons:

    1. As long as I'm clear about odds and don't scam, I don't see the problem.
    2. Gambing in Hypixel will make people realise how bad it is for your purse so they won't do it IRL, they usually lose at my casino xD
    3. And last but not least: not a single Hypixel rule even comes close to saying this is in violation with the rules (as long as you don't scam of course...). Hypixel.net/rules

    Let's look at the ban message:


    Personally I think that this is a weird ban reason. If you would ban everyone who tries to "obtain information or something of value from players", you could ban everyone who uses the minecraft chat (since they are trying to obtain information), ban everyone who puts up an auction (since they are trying to obtain value), ban everyone who tries to trade, ban everyone who begs for items/money and ban everyone who asks for /tipall.

    I've made an application against this:


    Their reaction (which is a standard deny reaction):


    What's your opinion on this? Let me know in the poll and in the comments :D

    100 votes on poll update:
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  2. well first of all, it should be against the rules and second, hypixel should listen to your appeal as no staff mentioned “gambling bad for kids”
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  3. Don't personally insult me please. I didn't scam anyone and gave players another (fun) thing to do with their money.

    I guess we have different opinions on the first statement but that's fine of course, but I indeed think that Hypixel should listen to the application with the reason being that it isn't stated in the rules.
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  4. W
    I used to have a casino but a helper came but didnt ban me, they silmply told to to close it down. Hey were called like marshmellos
  5. just my thought if it should be against the rules, some people can be scummy and scam little kids with like “gib item and i double it”
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  6. Lmfao if you want to gamble buy summoning eyes or grind slayers, lose or win. Simply the same except not some retarded way of making easy cash.
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  7. It doesn’t matter that it didn’t coincide with any rules because there is a clear rule to not use casinos. If every rule had to enforce every other rule that would be stupid. You are saying you shouldn’t be banned because it didn’t fall under the major rules yet you broke the fine print. If a law in the country said you couldn’t kill anyone but never said anything about not hurting anyone, it doesn’t mean you can kill them.
  8. ok chill, i bet ur like 8 being so toxic

    here i made a poem just for u

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  9. I would count yourself lucky that its 30 days and abide by the rules they laid down.
  10. KirilSK

    KirilSK Well-Known Member

    Rollers SPICY
    I assume it may be because gambling is 18+ in most countries/states. And it could potentially cause a law problem.
    If you think that gambling inside a game, like minecraft isn't real gambling, then here is a GREAT example: GTA V and it's latest gambling update has some restrictions as far as total cancellation of the update in some countries.

    I am not stating that the above said is right, this is only an assumption.
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  11. so if a law says no spitting then i cant spit on my own mouth? I mean u are right but partly
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  12. Calling out for age is highkey pathetic ngl, fucking blue non.
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  13. ok yellow non
    also im just stating facts

    go back to 2nd grade
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  14. CCcat

    CCcat Well-Known Member

    Imo if they ban players for gambling, they should ban people for scamming
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  15. Gambling in video games can cause addictions in real life. That is why you do not see blatant gambling in under 18 games. However I do not think your ban is justified as they have not come out and made an official rule against gambling, I wish you good like in your appeal.
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  16. Scamming IS actually against the rules. ;)

    Does that double up / nothing your bet? I don't think so. And besides, creating a casino isn't "easy cash", you need to
    1. make sure players feel it's safe
    2. make a fun game
    3. make a game which is in your advantage without making it too bad

    Where on hypixel.net/rules is this "clear rule to not use casinos"?

    They didn't have that rule on Hypixel.net/rules.

    I consider myself unlucky.

    Gambling is not allowed with real money in many states, outside of the state-approved casino's. This however does not use real money.
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  17. Genuine question here, but why are slayer bosses considered gambling?
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  18. this guy is big brain
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  19. KirilSK

    KirilSK Well-Known Member

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    Um, do you think that the money in the GTA V casino is real?
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  20. At the very least yes, since it is NOT against the rules to gamble and it IS against the rules to scam.

    Or gambling in video games will make you realise how bad it is to gamble since they now learn on a playful way how bad it can be for your purse ;)
  21. Dragons are basically casinos
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