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  1. Heya!

    Im currentely doing a research into Players/Hackers/Mods

    If you want to help me out please answer the questions on here:

    I will use the results to get a better look into both the opinions and thoughts of you guys, the comunity as well as main points that might need to change a bit.
    Also this will help me to create suggestions which i will show to the admins.

    Please keep in mind that this is unofficial and is purely for my own research

    Thanks for helping!

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  2. Is this research supposed to help catch hackers? ;)
  3. Depending on the results it might help in the future.
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  4. Data is always useful to understand more something. :)
    I'm sure it can be put to good use.
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  5. Filling it in :3
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  6. I filled it out. Good luck with the research! :)
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  7. Thanks :D
  8. iSmash

    iSmash Well-Known Member

    Abstract MEEP
    Why doesn't this have more likes and comments?! This could help make the hackers run over the hills!!
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  9. Rkanto

    Rkanto Well-Known Member

    The Muppets MUPPET
    Filled it :3 My answers are totally legit Gerbounet, trust me please :(
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  10. #10
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  11. So are we Test subjects now?
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  12. Filled in, I think the "Do you report hackers on the forums" question, you should add a "Not often" answer because It's basically what I do.

    Reporting on forums, for one report It takes me around 2 hours with recording, editing and uploading with a 0.20mbps upload.
    (And I get discouraged more every time since the answer is mostly "Thanks" so I have no clue If it was actually worth taking the time)
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  13. I'm confused. Do I say no to finding a hacker?

    I kid <3
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  14. Great idea Gerbor, definately has a lot of potential, will fill it out once I get a chance.
    Good luck with the research! :D
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  15. Gerbor to the rescue!!
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  16. Detective

    Detective Well-Known Member

    Teehee, my guess was that one staff member deals with 13 hackers per day. I wonder if I even got close.
  17. Tiliba

    Tiliba Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    Filled! :3
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  18. FlowingRain

    FlowingRain Well-Known Member

  19. There really needs to be a /staff command!!!!!!
  20. Pigeonfizz

    Pigeonfizz Well-Known Member

    thx anticheat needs a big fix :p
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