1. Rogue is seen by many as a meme kit around the same level as hype train but rogue really is quite an op kit. Many of you may be saying “this guy has 220 kills and he thinks rogue is good?” “What’s this man smoking if he thinks rogue is good” “not another trash post by this guy”.
    The reason rogue is so overpowered comes down to one thing: knock back and it’s consitant inconstancy. Knock back in Minecraft is extremely luck dependent with people who have decent ping <500 taking decent amounts but >500 will fly to mars or not take any at all. The one constant of knock back is that people will move at least some what and that’s what makes rogue overpowered. When you hit someone with your sword(s) as rouge they take KB but the way Minecraft works makes it so that there is a brief time after they get hit before the KB takes effect on them and sends them flying. If you hit someone a second time they will fly farther and higher than before, sounds simple right? Wrong. When the player or entity takes the combined knockback from the hits they will be launched upwards slightly and possibly take fall damage from the combined hits. This combination of factors combined with the fact that KB sends people to the side slightly instead of just backwards this allows for the big reason that rouge is OP. When the KB is dealt they will take damage from being hit leading to a second of invincibility and then the landing will also give them invinciblity along with no sprint and some fall damage leading to what I like to call the infinite loop where if you are chasing them correctly they will soon be hit into a wall where you can crit them out or off a ledge where they can have taking taking more damage than they have X’s (unless your spele in which case stop ruining my metaphors :mad: ) also you can scumbag someone off of high places and generally be a meme machine.
    -*generic helper tryhard thread ending* (no I’m not throwing shade why would I do that?)
    This thread is actually serious although if want to copy pasta it it would be a good one
    Hope you liked the thread if you didn’t go back to bedwars ok ty have a nice day
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  2. rogue* been like 5 years now people, cmon.

    the kit's great against braindead players who will follow you wherever but gets murdered in flat ground fights unless you have ping in the range where any knockback weapon will give you double hits.

    all you have to do to counter rogue is stay on flat ground, and the ground is typically flat around mid which is where the blitz star usually spawns. rogue is a good kit but can be countered by kits that nullify fall damage and any player that is able to trade hits, seeing as its armour potential for late game is terrible.

    and don't even get me started on how painful it is to chase someone when you have a knockback weapon, especially if they have a rod.
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  3. Oops thought it was rouge I’m tired.
  4. I don’t really feel like reading this entire thread since it seems unorganized (sorry), but I own rogue X and I only own rogue X because it was #1 in a pole I made a while back.

    I really hated the sword. My ping is just too low for it to be useful, and I only ever used it when my internet was dying. Whenever I hit someone they just flew too far away to keep a combo going from my experience.

    I mainly used the boots and punch bow consistently.
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  5. slimeyslime? rogue isnt the only kb kit
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  6. it’s organized but it ended up text walling and I forgot a TL;DR

    never said it was the only kB kit
  7. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    Rogue is trash because no one wants to grind 1 mil for a kit that's based around having not enough skill to take a normal fight anyway
  8. Rogue requires more skill than most kits
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  9. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    Oh god

    You've got to be kidding me
    One tapping someone off a high ledge doesn't take skill.
  10. No it does !!!!!!!
  11. uhhhhhhh
  12. Personally I love the kit, the kb iron sword is good in dm to knock people into the wall, a lot of maps with high mountains or void makes rogue good.

    And weakness is gucci ;)

    Just my opinion though
  13. Yeah but rogue is more a stretegic kit, recomended for people that has bad ping or for fun
  14. its my next X so :D
  15. If you want a kb kit slime is the better option... the slowness pots are really strong
  16. Yes
  17. Weakness>slowness
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  18. If you get debuffed with weakness you can always run. You can’t with slowness. Weakness is not a counter to speed, but slowness is. Slowness makes a notable difference in a fight, weakness does not.
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  19. Its insane on Caelum v1, and Greece if you camp that spot where you go from mid to the cliff. Besides that, its kinda garbage.
  20. doesn't require skill, but requires smarts. there's a difference between the two, and i'd say that smarts wins more games
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