Does it?

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  1. Effect knockback? Better reach? Tell me if its yes or no if it affects your pvp skills
  2. IMO, If you can strafe, blockhit and do other techniques that give an advantage you can beat people up (in game) with 5-6 cps.
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  3. Although I will say it does definitely AFFECT your PVP skills.
  4. I know those ._. I do a-d w-s tap but just curious
  5. Sueshe

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    Yes, at a very high level it does matter. Not entirely sure how much it affects knockback and how effective your hits get through but it is very small. People say that you need a high CPS to be good because they want to feel like they have an excuse for being bad. I did just fine with a cps of 6-7, many of my friends had around that as well. There are good players with a high CPS who I could fight just fine. When it comes down to it, 90% of PvP is mechanics and aim.
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  6. peehi

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    hitting more entities make you take less kb so yes
  7. How does it affect my pvp skills
  8. It’s easier to get combos with a higher cps, and it can be easier to get a first hit.
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  9. Yes. I can generally get better combos when I jitter click. but that's because I can aim well while doing it. It's better to work on strafing, w-tapping, and aiming than trying to learn to jitter well.
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  10. I think it only matters when it comes to the first hit, anything else is that if they are like 2.96 blocks from you you might have a better double hit chance
    All it does is increase the chance, not entirely
    Also increasing the chance to the next hit is increased, i mean the delay between 2 hits is smaller
    Side note: sumo is fun 'v'
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  11. Pretty sure there is a certain limit to attack packets per second/per 20 ticks
    and thats probably set to 20 per second in games like combo because minecraft runs on 20 ticks a second
  12. sumo can go suck a baby carrot
  13. It effects knockback. You click more than your opponent, so you have less gaps in between clicks so you get the hit sooner right when you get in hit range
  14. Valcors

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    I mean you definitely won't win a PvP battle if your CPS is 0
  16. i try 6 cps = terrible
    I click 14 cps = 35 perent less kb and 80 percent better hit reg (im a 14 ms pinger) ( it feels like it)
  17. It can affect them in the slightest way. But even if you click like 6 cps you're fine. Look at pvp youtubers like Technoblade or Meezoid, they click at 5-7 cps and pvp perfectly fine
  18. ImWolf85

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    I get 4-5 cps and you can check my stats.
  19. 14 ma is not a pinger, pingers are people with high ms.

    But yes CPS does make a difference but yet again not by as much as say strafing and you know aiming does. Because as stated before you have a higher chance of the first hit and a double hit. But no it does not affect kb no matter how you put it. Sure you can be hitting right as your hit delay goes away (Yes there is a short hit delay in versions earlier than 1.9) so it may simulate less kb, but it does not change your kb.
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  20. i forgot exactly but theres something about the cps that effects the velocity packets making u take less kb watch tenebrous's video on it but theres a very slight hit cooldown thought not as drastic as 1.9 it exists and the higher the cps the greater the chance to land the hit before your opponent

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