Do you think the ranks on the Hypixel store are too expensive

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. _TeamCobra_

    _TeamCobra_ Well-Known Member

    no because people still buy them
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  2. Sirket

    Sirket Active Member

    This, this here is exactly why I have zero sympathy for Hypixel.

    If it weren't for them being literally legally forced to, there'd be $200 P2W ranks with P2W lootboxes for every game.

    _Maybe_ buy VIP if you really need it or MVP+ if it's on a huge sale, anything else and you are an absolute sucker.
  3. Nein. It's a good price since it does finance the server and still gives good stuff.
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  4. Doubtful. Even without the EULA, Hypixel was one of the most fair servers, with the majority of “p2w” aspects being coin multipliers. Things were still available to everyone, it just look less grinding to unlock them with a rank. And look at the Minecraft scape today. Almost no one follows the EULA. And yet even with the fact that the EULA isn’t really enforced, Hypixel is really the only server that follows it and has no P2W aspects.
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  5. right, and let's just ignore simon himself saying that he doesn't want to bring p2w anywhere near skyblock
  6. Sirket

    Sirket Active Member

    That's only because Hypixel is massive. They can't afford to fly under Mojang's radar like other servers can.

    Hypixel is, at the end of the day, still nothing but a corporation, and corporations will do whatever they can to get as much money as they're legally capable of.

    Companies aren't your friends.
  7. The "other servers" are some of the top Minecraft servers. Granted they're not as big as Hypixel, but they can't "fly under the radar" either. Mojang just doesn't enforce the EULA.

    Hypixel clearly has come out before and stated that the company is here simply to sustain itself and it's goals, not to make profit. You can have you opinions about corporations, but using a blanket mindset like that means you're likely not gonna be right always.
  8. Yes but EULA is the best thing that ever happend.
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  9. H0VA

    H0VA Well-Known Member

    No. I remember purchasing MVP+ when it came out and I felt violated.
    Also, the MVP++ is the most retarded thing to ever have existed.
  10. Sirket

    Sirket Active Member

    If they were just out there to "sustain" themselves they wouldn't have predatory lootboxes that also 'encourage' you to buy ranks by locking boxes you get behind them.

    It's such a blatantly, transparently manipulative system in a game aimed at actual children that if it weren't such a pervasive norm in the industry I wouldn't tolerate it at all.
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  11. Lmao no. Before EULA, MVP+ was like $150. I bought MVP for $120. It’s a fair price now.
  12. While having a blanket mindset isnt exactly the best mindset, companies usually try to take out as much money as they can. Some companies, like EA, chug out millions for the cost of their bond with customers, and some companies, like Hypixel, try to mantain trust between their customers(the players). At the end of they day, companies always want money. Some may get less, others can get more money at a price.
  13. lootboxes dont affect gameplay.................................................. wtf. while lootboxes at manipulative, it's cosmetics barely affect gameplay, contrary to fortnite, where your whole skin is decided by what you buy with real money. lootboxes are for lobbies, and lootboxes for games are purely cosmetic, and most of the cosmetics are literally minecraft particles, which you can disable using Optifine or get a mod to give you those particles when you rod(unlike fortnite and other games that utilize cosmetics to make money, minecraft is very easy to mod)
  14. There's a reason that Mystery Boxes have always been 100% cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay whatsoever.
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  15. I think I'm gonna get VIP on this account, I can afford it.
  16. 4 dollars for VIP? Not at all
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  17. Sirket

    Sirket Active Member

    That doesn't make them not exploitative lol.

    Lootboxes as a concept are predatory, it doesn't matter what's in them. They're designed from the ground up to abuse human psychology, and take advantage of children and people with addictive personalities.

    Also, the reason they're not P2W is because that's against EULA. They'd absolutely have in-game effects if Hypixel thought they could get away with it.
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  18. It doesn't matter if it was $1000 or $150 back then, $31 for a rank on a server is expensive as hell, that's half an AAA game, and MVP++ will cost you $8 more (every 30 days), even supporting the server isn't a valid excuse, most players have ranks, they make enough money to cover the server expenses and have a lot left over.
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  19. umm no. Hypixel even said they were running out of money before the server blew up on Twitter.
  20. As a lot of people are mentioning above, the ranks used to be a lot more than they are now, I think it’s a good price to pay.

    Edit: Also comparing these ranks to the prices of ranks on other popular servers, Hypixel’s ranks are significantly lower than some (with some ranks on servers running you hundreds of dollars). Although those ranks give you more than just cosmetics, they are still much more expensive.

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