Should skyblock reset in the future

  1. Yes

    32 vote(s)
  2. No

    158 vote(s)
  1. Puffafish

    Puffafish Member

    I just want your opinions on if skyblock should reset in the future or not.
    Also if it were to reset what would you do first?
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  2. no and no
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  3. resetting would make 90% of the player base mad a better option would be to make realms (main server and a beta server)
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  4. lol no
  5. I would kill myself then start grinding combat again
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  6. who tf voted yes
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  7. the amount of players that would quit as a reaction to this is insane, just imagine all the ppl like me who spent all that time to create a huge full width pumpkin farm all to be reset
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  8. their 3 alts
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  9. play another mmo instead
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  10. Nobody would like it, but it would probably be healthy for the playerbase.
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  11. you never ever played any mmo other then skyblock, did you?
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  12. Fully against it. I surely would have the final reason to quit then. It's already not the most motivating to get every goal you set your eyes on nerfed before you hit it. Having to restart again? Ugh no. Might be cool for those who joined in late but I doubt any of the non-casuals would be happy about it. Especially after Devs said multiple times they will not reset.
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  13. I would quit
  14. It's called time investment. Some of us play for 5 months and more now, of course there's a gap..
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  15. Actually im lvl 80 full mastery points in gw2 XD
  16. Utars

    Utars Active Member

    FushkaArmy FA
    If that happens, i leave
  17. oh tbh I never played guildwars, but you should now that a mmo is not nessesarly to catch up to the top player in like 4 months or so, but might take years...
    and since skyblock isnt evenreleased that long, you cannot really say that they are so far away.
    rn, you can actual get like full strong + aotd in less then a month, just by investing in a clayfarm, get raiders axe to farm eyes and buy everything via the aha.
  18. but the late game players are halted and the early game players are complaining that they cant do anything because we are late in the game.
  19. The difference between skyblock and mmos is mmos can have pay to win aspects and if hypixel adds those to skyblock the sever gets banned
  20. Ranebow

    Ranebow Well-Known Member

    HypeW H
    Never touch the game again

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