1. when people win he just kicks them over and over and wont give the item back
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  2. noted
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  3. TheNelston

    TheNelston Active Member

    it’s a fucking casino of course it’s a scam

    never heard of real life casinos either?
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  4. SKDemon

    SKDemon Active Member

    27 27
    Casinos in real life don't withhold your winnings if you actually win, they just make it really hard to win in the first place.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  5. Please don't name and shame people.
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  6. i went to his island and he said you tried to bet an item that wasn't yours...

  7. Rigged to the house is the correct term.
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  8. exactly he was just salty and I did not know what was happening, he did not give me anything, so he could not win, also claimed he won when I clearly saw he didn't.
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  9. He is also slandering my name.
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  10. And no evidence
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  11. TheNelston

    TheNelston Active Member

    a scam is a scam regardless of magnitude

    either way i dont think aidanaldo should be banned, casino scams require negative iq to fall for
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  12. ZichelleZen

    ZichelleZen Active Member

    cue people rushing to visit this dude's island
  13. o no my pixel gambling addiction is killing my cash plz help
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  14. oh yeah i talked to the dude this is what he had to say about it 2019-08-21_21.15.59.png
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  15. Nice free advertisement
  16. DanBul

    DanBul Well-Known Member

    entire thread is just a huge laugh
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  17. Wow, lucky I didn’t go there, he asked me when he saw my aspect of end and other good loot
  18. Whattttttt

    Whattttttt Active Member

    Dont gamble kids
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  19. This is really funny lmfao, I realise that you said if you won he kicked you but like lmfao. You're gambling, you're not gonna win either way. Lets say you win 10k and then you get an addiction and that's a whole different story. Next thing you know you have a drug addiction no good man i'd give it up now while you're losing.
  20. Why would you even bother trying sb casinos? Scamming is practically in the name.

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