1. I thought i would bring back the shine in this section of the forums since it clearly lacks what the name it suggests "General Discussion",doe don't get me wrong,there are some good threads out there,but from the 1 week i have been back from retirement,it's just a disappointing site to behold now.
    So ill start with a normal question since hypixel isn't getting the players it used to get and im generally curious if i will see a same repeated pattern
    What made you quit hypixel?
    And since i don't want to exclude people who still play,here is a question to them
    What motivates you to play on hypixel?
    Any opinion is accepted by me if it manages to stay on topic
    i wanna keep the flaming and arguing to a bare minimum,but if you are professional with it,i will allow it
    hope this doesn't get pushed by the keto diet threads xD
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  2. Literally getting numbers higher on /stats LOL
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  3. Because it's fun.
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  4. Well damn xD
    Hmm,but what's fun about it?
    expand on your answer if you can and want to :)
  5. because of you
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  6. Spidyyyy

    Spidyyyy Well-Known Member

    The game becomes sometimes boring because of the lack of enough new good content, cheaters, and the few biased staff members

    I've been quitting since 2018 because of school and coming back just during holidays to play for fun ; these breaks actually allow me not to be super bored by the game
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  7. WhyForum

    WhyForum Well-Known Member

    I just lost interest in the game - It's the same repetitive content of pvp/kits/asthetics. It feels like Hypixel games follow the same rough routine now :c

    Tower defense brought me back briefly
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  8. Spidyyyy

    Spidyyyy Well-Known Member

    no anime in general
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  9. Shiimu

    Shiimu Active Member

    I play because of the occasional nice people you meet
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  10. Friends
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  11. PikaaTwo

    PikaaTwo Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Cheaters / how of a meme I am into the community i main.

    My guild is the reason why i still play.
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  12. What motivates me is that my friends still play and I enjoy playing with friends and still trying games I’ve never played before lol
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  13. Adornable

    Adornable Well-Known Member

    IceSquad ICE
    Being forced to take a long vacation from Hypixel for hacking on the vanilla client.
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  14. What motivates me to play?

    A few reasons...
    The community, meeting and getting to know all the other players. The public discords are fun to explore, the feeling you actually know the pixelized character your playing with.

    The games, I don't honestly know what I like so much about them, I've gotten tired of them before but I always some how come back and enjoy them like the first time I played them.

    The nostalgia? The one constant for me and a lot of other player in our lifes has been the server, sure it isn't nearly like it was before for reasons we all are well aware of, but it's sort of a refugee, a place you can always go to and know you'll enjoy being there and be accepted. This is probably the main reason I like the server so much. I just hope the current path the server is taking doesn't compromise this.
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  15. I don't really know exactly what's making me still play, but I know a main goal of mine (since the beginning) has been to max all shops.

    Although, the community on the side is pretty enjoyable. (More recently, the TKR community.)

    Off-topic :: And yeah, I noticed that the number of thread creations have decreased too. :( (I guess the good thing is that I can play more on the server though.)
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  16. What motivates me to play is stats. Basically I got perm banned on my main account (for verbal abuse) about 2 years ago and i'm determined to get my stats back up there
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  17. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COWSQD
    The baboon mentality of the community
    The enormous boredom I get because the weather is too bad to go outside and there is nothing else to do really around where I life. So I just play games.
    Nothing on Hypixel actually motivates me to keep playing lol
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  18. I like seeing numbers go up

    I quit Hypixel as a whole for about 6 months because I realized there's more to life than the internet. I already had a month long trip planned so that's why I initially left. I stayed away from Hypixel for another 5 months because I enjoyed seeing my life get back on track. Made new friends, got a boyfriend, improved my grades, quit doing self destructive stuff. So yeah, life made me quit Hypixel, in a good way :)
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  19. literally me since beginning of this year
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  20. Um i play and idk why, send help fast! No but seriously i only play mega walls for the false hope it will be good in hytale.
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