1. This is a irl trading servers. It violates hypixel TOS but hypixel does not do anything when I report (since it is a discord server I think). Can you guys like or something so the staff can see. ALSO, if you think I am doing this just to get invite rewards, I AM NOT. Just leave the server and I won’t get invites. I don’t even want the rewards anyways.

    EDIT 1 removed link. Members of the staff team, if you see this, message me for the link so you can ban them
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  2. How would liking this post get staff attention? Also don’t post the link to the discord ask for help where you can report this. This is like showing everyone a black market, telling everyone where it is and how to get there
  3. staff will probably see it eventually - dont worry abt it
  4. DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK- the server offers 1 mil every 20 invites a user makes. WasMimical wants to profit off this.
  5. BRUH I litterally said leave after you see it are you blind. If the staff see this, they will know what server it is. It also has all the sellers ign so they can get banned
  6. Just report it at discord. Get a mail out to support explaining it it should be taken down, since it isn't just against hypixel's but also Discord's TOS.
  7. ah yes... hypixel. going to do a lot.

    excuse me.

    how is this hypixel's fault?

    tf hypixel gonna do lol?
  8. milkwentbadd

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    Probably shouldn't advertise the discord at all. Just saying.
  9. should i remove the discord link. if the admins see they wont know what server though
  10. how do i mail discord
  11. Guys how do I edit the message I wanna get rid of the server but I cant
  12. why tf would you post the link so more people can get into the server
  13. I removed the server link but the the admins, message me and I’ll send you the link so you can punish them

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