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    Hello all,

    With the pregame changes finishing up, we wanted to make a summary thread on all of the changes that we have made and some of the positive changes they have made to the server. You can read the original pregame improvements update thread HERE which includes some information on some of the changes made by the new pregame framework and how they affected games.

    In this thread we will be talking about:
    • Why we made these changes
    • What the new pregame system is
    • Some cool data showing how the new pregame system has positively affected games on the network
    • What we plan to do with the system in the future
    I'd also like to give a massive thank you to all players who responded with feedback and suggestions to the original pregame improvements thread - you were all a massive help! :)

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    ▶ Why did we make these changes?
    We decided to make these changes for a multitude of reasons, such as reducing wait times for games, improving communication to players about when games are starting, and to encourage players to try different modes via lobby messages. We wanted to combat games that had trouble starting at lower peak times and reduce the number of games on the network which took 15+ minutes to start (e.g. UHC, Mega Walls). By doing this, we would be implementing a system which would benefit games over the entire network.

    Furthermore, we wanted to start collecting pregame data on what times games fail to start more often, how many games are starting at a certain time, or the average player count at the start of each game. This data would help us get an insight on the status of games and how many players are playing them, which would allow us to improve the pregame system further in the future to help these games start more often.

    ▶ What is the new system?
    First things first, if you haven't realized how the new system works, this is a brief summary of how the system works compared to the old system:
    • When a player joins a pregame lobby, the countdown is started at 5 or 10 minutes, allowing players to know roughly how long they will have to wait for a game to start.
    • Each game has a set minimum player count which must be met for the game to start. If it is not met, a message will be sent to the lobby alerting people that a game is available to join, furthermore, the timer will be extended to allow more time for the game to fill. If this minimum count is still not met, players will be sent back to the lobby.
    • If a game fails to start as it doesn't reach the minimum player count, the next game will boot up with a higher starting time. This will dynamically increase up to a cap to hopefully allow more time on off peak for games to start. This starting timer extension will reset once a game starts.
    • When the minimum count is met, the timer will be reduced allowing the game to start sooner. When the timer reaches 30 seconds an alert will be sent to the lobby alerting players that a game is starting in 30 seconds. This allows a few extra players to get into the game before it starts.
    The new pregame system is currently running on every game on the network apart from Bed Wars, Murder Mystery, Prototype, non Mega SkyWars modes, non Tournament Duels modes, Zombies, Challenge Modes and Smash Heroes.

    ▶ How has the new system affected games?
    Many games on the network have seen improvements to the average players per game and the consistency of games starting throughout the day thanks to the new pregame. Here is some data on the current status of the the pregame system over the entire network.


    For the entire Network over the last 2 week, ~415,000 games over 50+ different game modes have started using the new pregame, and in total only 2% of games have failed to start. On average over the entire network, a game starts within 2 minutes of the first player joining the pregame lobby. On average about ~20000 games start with the new pregame system daily, giving us plenty of useful data to improve the system. Of all of the games which use the new pregame system, Mini Walls games start the quickest, with games on average starting within 35 seconds of the first player joining the pregame, and TNT Tag games start the most often, with peaks of 130 games per hour.

    Arcade has only recently been updated with the new pregame changes, and although Zombies is not using the new system, over the last week ~85,000 games have started with the new pregame system, with ~22,000 being the recently added Hide and Seek. Only 1.2% of games have failed to start. Arcade games like Dragon Wars, Ender Spleef, Hole in the Wall and Bounty Hunters have seen a significant increase of games starting, with Dragon Wars having 750+ games starting over the week, and the others having 1000+ games starting over the week.

    Build Battle's Guess the Build and Pro Mode has seen a rise in the consistency of games starting, with fewer-than-ever games failing to start. Of the ~12,000 games that have started using the new pregame system this week, only 0.15% of games have failed to start! Furthermore, Build Battle has seen a reduction in wait times for games to start, with games on average taking starting within 90 seconds of the first player joining the pregame lobby.

    UHC has seen a decrease in times spent waiting for games to start with on average games taking 10 minutes to start from the first player joining the pregame and at most 13 minutes. This is a massive decrease from the 20+ minutes which games could take to fill before the new system was implemented. Furthermore, on average Solo games are starting with 54 players and Team of 3 games starting with 81 players. The average player count is a lot more consistent since the new system was implemented, and thanks to the lobby alerts when games are close to starting, players can sit in the lobbies browsing the shop or talking to friends and join when the alert is sent.

    Mega Walls Standard has seen an increase in the average starting players per game from 60 players before the pregame changes to on average 70-75 players at the start of each game. Since we implemented the new pregame changes, ~10,000 Mega Walls games have started with the new pregame system, and in total only 4% of these games have failed to start.

    Classic Games have seen significant improvements across the board with the addition of the new pregame changes. Arena Brawl has seen an increase in the number of games starting as only one game is required to be full for the game to start now. Over the past week, ~3,600 Arena Brawl matches have been played, with peaks of 465 hourly players, and only 1.6% of Arena Brawl games failing to start. On average, an Arena Brawl game starts within 55 seconds of the first player joining the pregame lobby. Furthermore, over the last week, ~1,700 Turbo Kart Racer races have been played, with peaks of 250 hourly players, with only 4% of TKR games failing to start. In total, of the ~13,000 Classic games which have started over the last week, only 5% have failed to start.

    ▶ Future plans for the new system
    We still plan on regularly updating the pregame system values to maximize player count and consistency of games starting, so expect some tweaks here and there while we perfect values for the games over the network. Here are a few plans we have for the future of the pregame system:
    • Continue to improve values for all games
    • Update Smash Heroes with the new system
    • Look into any games which don't have the system to see if they will benefit from the system
    • Improvements to lobby messaging
    • Possible updates to dynamic changes
    Thank you for reading this summary, if you have suggestions or comments on the new pregame system, then feel free to reply to this thread and let us know. Thanks to all who have given feedback to improve the system and have a good day.
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  2. This is the first time I'm on the front page! I'm even first!
    Okay, I love this feature. I play a game in the classic lobby (VampireZ) which didn't have much trouble starting beforehand but it starts much quicker now. Other games I like (for example, Arena Brawl) hardly ever start, so I rarely join the lobby for them. However, now when I see a game is about to start for it, I join it so I can play. I like this applies to a lot of people other than me as well. Innovative ideas like this keep hypixel ahead of its competitors and makes sure that the players can enjoy their games with small wait times.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
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  3. Nice! Really good to see that these less played game modes are getting a boost!
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  4. Diagonic

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  7. Interesting
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  8. fluf

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    omg mr diamondic creeper big fan
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  9. Whoo!
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  10. That's pretty good.
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  11. Canary

    Canary Well-Known Member

    Definitely saw an influx of new players in TKR recently, please keep up the good work :3
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  12. Ayy I love these threads, thank you for making it!
  13. Zichy

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    Xilitas XILITA
    Hype train xD CC58C458-C606-4206-9EDA-CB38CACF5844.jpeg
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  14. Zichy

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    Xilitas XILITA
    It’s good to see that the staff care a little about the less popular games at times.
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  15. For classic lobby and arcade a toggle system should be made. There are a lot of modes and you aren’t always interested in all of them. I only suggest these games as the lobbies are many communities out together, not different iterations of the same game and community. Otherwise this is an amazing system and I like it
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  16. Gogeta

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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Although I'm happy that the situation has improved for the Classics, people such as myself who often find themselves in a Classic Lobby are pinged every like 10 seconds because of a game they don't main is about to start.

    It is rather annoying.

    Would it be possible to make pregame alerts toggleable for individual games?
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  17. BulbJake

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    IfOnly I
    Hey that’s pretty good
  18. You mean the lobby announcements? Yeah as I said at the end of the thread we're definitely looking to improve the lobby announcements, and this would be a good start. :)
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