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    But for real, I'm really glad to see that the Staff Team is listening to the player base. Hopefully we can get more rules and maybe level requirements by the end of the year.
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  2. Ah. That's pretty awesome.
  3. lopen

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    CowSquad COWSQD
    I understand.
    But at the same time I think you're fearing the worst while it probably won't be as bad. But than the points comes up that I have no idea about the current harrasment.
  4. warriorA89

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    just make ranked BLC only and this will be great! xD
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  5. Can we just be aware of the cheaters going on? and the dramatic increase of bhoppers?
  6. I'm really proud to see Hypixel addressing this highly debated topic to the public community. I did not see this coming!

    Just as you give your trust to employees so that they are more comfortable working with the Hypixel team; sharing that trust to the community gives all of us the confidence to play and support the Hypixel server.

    Some information are best kept behind closed curtains or for it to be on a need-to-know basis. Trust works both ways meaning both parties should be able to share beneficial information with each other while also respecting the other's interests to withheld information whether or not it could save or ruin their relationship.

    There are a lot of people that are part of the relationship between everyone on the Hypixel team and the entire playerbase! It is nothing short of being a monumental task for both sides to maintain a healthy level of trust. When one side is going through trouble, then the other side is also affected. Things get a little more complicated when discussing the relationship between producer and consumer, but the same principle still applies.

    Why did I talk about trust and not include anything that was actually discussed in the original post? I didn't have enough reasons to address any of it in this post! I'm sure that the community and even the Hypixel team have plenty of questions, so I'll just let them ask for me until I can come up with any for myself. I'll be looking forwards to the impact that this will have in the near future once everything is settled. For now, I'll applaud to Hypixel yet again for debunking many of my opinions I had about them.
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  7. Dogium

    Dogium Well-Known Member

    For what?
  8. TheAncientBook

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  9. HXK


    HXK Active Member

    Nice! This is a step in the right direction.
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  10. I believe there is a disconnect between what we're talking about, and what you believe we're talking about, Hypixel. I'll try to clear things up if possible.

    I'm afraid that was not the only claim that was made in that email.

    What you said is correct. Punishments in recent history were observed to be inconsistent, and we're very happy to hear that something is being done with regards to this. @MeepSquirrel has expressed this as well:
    As I understand it, you are limiting the control that moderators have over the punishments, reducing the effect of moderators that might take action in ways that benefit them, or the people associated with them. If I understood that correctly, then I think no one is disputing the fact that this is a very good thing.

    What we were left wondering is how such actions were waived prior to this update. I'm certain that several people have attempted to get in contact with some standard form of help, such as support.hypixel.net. However, most (if not all) attempts that I am aware of to resolve their respective issues via standard channels were either dismissed, declined, or outright ignored for misunderstood reasons.

    This is precisely the observation that leads people to believe that the moderation team is not the only "single point of failure".
    This is also why MeepSquirrel is asking the following:
    This is a deliberate and direct question that we have yet to see an equally deliberate and direct response to, which is why it's being pushed so fiercely.

    @PixelBaker has indirectly mentioned exactly what we take issue with:
    He states this evidence is verified during the appeal.
    By a human, I would presume. In fact, probably by a server administrator. This is the problem. Whoever it is that verified the evidence left people with (in our opinion) unjust punishments. As a result, we do not trust said person, which leads us to the next questions, regarding this quote:
    This implies to me that the moderation team should no longer be capable of abusing the system, which I'm fairly certain has happened prior to this update. (Otherwise, what on earth is the point of this update.)

    Once again, this is a good thing. There is less room for error, intentional or not.

    But here are our questions in response to that:
    - Is there anyone who CAN abuse this system?
    - Auditing ends where trust begins, and there is almost certainly such a point. If there wasn't, we wouldn't be making this much noise, because this issue would have been resolved long before this. So where is that point in your chain of command?
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  11. They're not goin to add it so stop asking.
  12. eh watchdog have been false banning a lot of people ...
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  13. dnomyaR

    dnomyaR Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    ok great
  14. ThatOneTryHard

    ThatOneTryHard Active Member

    Question about the forgiveness system.. Will this apply to perm banned players? Like let's say someone has been banned for a year or two and wanted a 'second chance' would they be able to do so? Or are perm banned players staying perm banned?
  15. Really good update!
  16. Awesome! It’s great to have a hard working team to keep things progressing.

    May I just request the hard working team spends a bit of time posting fourms rules?
  17. If only you knew the sheer number of strongly worded forum conversations I get from people demanding to "speak" to the staff member who placed a punishment on their account. For something that would provided relatively minimal, if any, benefit to the community, making this information public would be extremely detrimental to the staff team.
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  18. Less hackers in uhc???
  19. So is BAC support coming out soon so I can lower the risk of getting false banned?
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  20. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COWSQD
    Are you able, or any other moderator, to make a compilation of those messages to spread awareness of harassment towards staff? I'd be pretty interested in what type of stuff you guys have to deal with in PM's on a daily. Personally have only experienced bad PM's a handful of times in 2.5 years

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