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  2. Perhaps you could read the email you asked for me to send, then you would understand my concerns.
    In my previous post I did not suggest such a machine. I asked who would be auditing the staff. Publicly belittling me as a conspiracy theorist over legitimate concerns is extremely unprofessional and very disappointing coming from the head of this company.
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  4. It's enough
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    Yeah, that's enough for me.
  6. Same tbh
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    So the forgiveness system is basically a system where a staff member can erase a punishment of a players record if they see that the player has been very friendly, and does not deserve the punishment to be on their record?
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    3 headed dog is watch dog so does that make my logo watchdog​
  9. There's only one real thing that I would like to happen with the upcoming system, and that is full transparency and public knowledge of the type (and duration) of punishments you will receive depending on the infraction you cause, and how many infractions you've had before. This would help in two ways:
    • One, it would force staff members to stay consistent with punishments no matter who was punished or who gave the punishment.
    • Two, it would give the public more understanding of how punishments are handled based on certain types of infractions, and potentially give their own feedback if the current system is adequate, too soft, or too harsh.
    Keeping it private to staff only, on the other hand, would still be detrimental, in my eyes. I'm aware of multiple people who are still not permanently banned, even though they have over 10, 15, even 20 infractions. Now, this thread & the 30 day cheater thread that was posted by Kessie a couple of days ago is definitely in the right direction, but I still feel doing the above would really push forward substantially.

    If there's some viewpoint or issue with the above that I'm missing, then feel free to explain why. I don't really see much of a drawback to it.
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  10. As of now there are 55 Likes and not a single dislike on the original post! I like this!
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    Can’t wait to see the new anti-cheat system!! Yaay!
  12. I did read your email and fully understand your concerns. In your email you claimed that punishments were inconsistent and this is literally what these changes are about. You were saying that the system did not work, yet here we are today with a brand new system.
    The new system, as well as the new tools will greatly improve the situation. Progress is being made, thousands of hours were put in these new tools and system.

    As for the specific case mentioned in your email, I haven't had time yet to look into it, but it will be looked into. Unrelated to this topic so I will wait to be able to give it time and send a private reply.

    I will even reinforce my point by saying that we will NOT tolerate staff going around the new system in place (if even possible).
    Any moderation system have their flaws and its ours to figure out and fix, there is no system in the world that is perfect, even the justice system is flawed and has bigger consequences than being banned or muted from a Minecraft server for a few days.

    So I am sorry you feel you are being belittled as a conspiracy theorist, I don't know what to say. But we are making huge steps forward and yet you still have this anger towards the team. We'll do our best to improve the situation as you have seen today, but I wish you could understand a little from our point of view. I was expecting support coming your way, so this is why my reply was a bit harsh.
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  13. Wouldn't it take more time to ban a player now? Like take this for example:A cheater in The Pit starting to get more cheaters, and that one Moderator trying to ban them all has to use the process, which then the cheaters increase over time. Would it be like that, or would the Computer that decided the ban do it it'self?
  14. Instead of looking into past infractions and making a decision on how long should the guy be banned - he will simply tell the system to ban. The system will then decide the time.
    So the moderator job is a lot more simple now: Gather proof of hacking and ban. No more looking into the past.

    Hope that clears it up :)
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  15. LexoLP

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    would be nice, if the Watchdog system works. Got sadly false false banned...
  16. lopen

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    @Hypixel are there plans for a thing where the people can see who punished them?
    In real life we know who send you to jail, or who ticketed you, however on Hypixel we don't have a clue who gave you a punishment.
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  17. Says ez in zombies gets a perma ban
  18. Sounds like a bad idea for harassment lol

    Note that some people are banned for very bad things. We also want to protect the staff.
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  19. Finally, I've never really been able to accurately appeal anything because of the lack of being able to know what it was that I punished for and therefore an unable to craft an accurate defense, HOPEFULLY they'll be included when people want to be to appeal a punishment or mute when they go to make them (especially if people allow the moderators to share the evidence).
  20. *cough* K-Admin *cough*

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