1. Took a while, but hype! Amazing
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  2. See Hypixel's post above, he responded to the same question you asked :p

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  3. Hype, good work here ! ❤
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  4. Dogium

    Dogium Well-Known Member

  5. As Hypixel said earlier, the moderator makes a yes/no decision but the system is really the one who makes the final decision with the length of it and punishment. No room for bias :)
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  6. Stannya

    Stannya Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    The forgiveness system is a really good idea. Awesome developer summary :)
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  7. How about some forum rules?
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  8. Awesome! Thank you! :) :D
  9. Rectified

    Rectified Rekterator ◼️ Appeals Team Leader ◼️

    Expendables 銏EXPD鉠
    We have set forum rules in placed via, hypixel.net/rules. All network rules apply to the forums as well.
  10. But we don’t have specific forum rules, there are many things that are forum specific. I don’t see players cheating on the forums, but I do see people making useless threads that don’t benefit the place they are posted in. Not to mention the usually vague reasons peoples posts are removed, then told to message a moderator about it just to be given a slightly less vague response.
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  11. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

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    Ah good.
    I was very confused when it first stated 'automatic' and than it said 'focussing on the decision making'.
    Might want to edit the OP to make it more clear you're talking about 'is he hacking, yes or no' and not 'how long will I ban him'.
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  12. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    That's great to see, I'm glad punishments will be clearer and more outlined.

    The only thing that bugs me is the name of the system. "Forgiveness" does not sound strict. At first, I thought that you were going to make it easier for certain banned players to get back on the network :confused:
    Im glad that's not the case
  13. Rectified

    Rectified Rekterator ◼️ Appeals Team Leader ◼️

    Expendables 銏EXPD鉠
    If you refer to the quoted post by LuckyKessie she explains that official page will be made soon. It best to wait out till that topic comes up. You are also more than welcome to create any suggestions of your own in the "Idea and Feedback" section on what you would like to see happen.
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  14. Ambivert

    Ambivert Well-Known Member

    staff does amazing work :3
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  15. So basically staff can ask themselves 'do I like this person? Yes or no
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  16. Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this.
  17. Wow. I love the post, it gives a lot more hope for me in cheaters! Loving the progression of this.
  18. It's about time.
  19. So a MACHINE, that does not exist yet anywhere in the world, should make all decisions ever?

    YOU ARE HIRED! Let's spend billions of dollars to make this intelligent AI!

    On a serious note, training has been going on for days in regards to this new system.
    If you see a staff doing this, report and they will be corrected and looked into. Yep, that simple.

    Now with the new tools and the fact that punishment system is more simple across the board- it will be a lot easier to moderate and be fair.
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