1. euphoghit

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  2. that's fucking hilarious that you think that
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  3. I don't think it, it's true. LOL, I find it funny that you, as a member think I'm wrong.
    Oh well, you'll find out when you get Well-Known member I guess.
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  4. man i can smell the ego.
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  5. You mean to tell me you've never received any punishment on the forums nor do you choose to read the rules and abide by them?
  6. I can smell the ego.
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  7. Great Work! Looking forward to see a better anti-cheat system soon!
  8. Lol ok
  9. dude are you mad?
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  10. Des


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    Dart DART
    I think you didn't realize this is an old post.
  11. My original post was "Right, because WKM's are pristine goddesses that do no wrong" and you responded by saying it was true

    Any moderator would respectfully disagree with you on all levels
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  12. I didn't mean that they always do nothing wrong, but I'm saying this because WKM's have a lot more experience and time on forums rather than a new member would. Everyone knows that by now lol.
  13. Your logic is pertained to: "New Members dont read the rules for the forums or see the warning that the thread is old, and Well-Known Members are automatically better and less prone to this!"
    Spoiler alert; it's not. If anything I've seen more Well-Known Members booted off the forums in my lifetime (since 2014, lurking accountless) than Members/New Members.

    And for proof:
  14. Lol, I like how you actually got your ass set on fire because of a statement I made.
    First off, I didn't actually mean that just because we're WKM's makes us 'automatically better', if anything that was just a joke.
    Sure, any member can read the rules, but any wkm has more experience and time on forums to know what it's like, and what to do and what not to do. For example, in the rules nowhere does it talk about necroposting, but that's not allowed, right?
    So what happens when a new member who has never used a forum website come to Hypixel forums? So many incidents have occurred where a necropost was made on an old thread, guess who made it? A new member.
  15. You know what, it's not worth it. Your ego is too large to try and deal with.
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  16. Dude I can smell the ego
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  17. ChaoKeeper

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    Once hypixel makes hytale all these people can go there and maybe nobody will have to worry about this server existing with such a harsh policy.
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  18. Yep, sureee getting banned for a year as my first ban for something I didn’t do/no clue why I’m banned is fair. And the appeal, I’m told some dumb stuff like you appeal has been declined, it was stated like 8 times and then said he’s a link as to why you may be banned check the rules. I read all of the rules... none of them had a chance at being what I could have been banned for. The fact that you cant even write a second appeal with things you thought about later is stupid. I would think a good server would have a good way of dealing with this type of thing but I guess not. I’m just going to have to wait the other 190 days of my year ban that was falsely given to me for who knows what!
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  19. Try not to necro post a 9 month old thread!
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  20. Doesn't matter in this forum section LARP-er.
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