1. Great work!
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  2. MoonDoge256

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    You know things like this really make me understand how hard it is to start a public minecraft server. Thanks for this information! Maybe with some of this info I could 'TRY' to start working on a Minecraft server. Thank you for keeping us up to date with all these posts. ☺
  3. armyman310

    armyman310 New Member

    i am WAT_WhiteFish my sowrd aspect of the end has been disappeared with no reason
  4. Please fix being able to bypass the double tap q to drop items, they dont auto pickup when you go into your skyblock menu. I voided my rouge sword doing that on accident. IGN: grubs2 (yes its a 2 in game, I didnt make my hypixel acc with a 2 cause someone had it already)
  5. The magma armor set bonus no longer grants inteligence
  6. Thanks for keeping us informed, despite me knowing almost nothing you said :D
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  7. Nice dev blog I like it!I bought yesterday Vip+ =)
    I love the server <3
  8. Tbh it was a nice read. Fairly interesting topic.
  9. You reached this playerbase only because of PewDiePie, yet you give Technoblade, who hasn't made a video on the server for months, PIG+++ and you keep upgrading it if he wins Mc Monday, instead of giving Pewds something special, like "Savior" or something like that.
    Keep ignoring pewdiepie's contribution until you reach 17k again.
  10. Xemnas005

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  11. bill520

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    _鐵錠 合成 升級 怪怪的
  12. What is the practice method?
  13. Nice. What software do you guys use to code the server and games?
  14. Xemnas005

    Xemnas005 Well-Known Member

    I assume they're custom-made
  15. in your post, y'all mentioned the use of shell scripts to deploy hypixel on multiple instances - how come you haven't opted for a service such as kubernetes or at least docker to make deployment of these instances faster and cleaner to tear down/put up?
  16. Skyblock will become hypixels dominant game
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  17. like?
  18. wait a minute so how many developers are on the task of fixing this problem and how many developers are there in hypixel does anyone have a link to the staff team (pls link me it ) ?
  19. Hey. Im not sure how to make a thread, so i might as well ask this here. Um, why is skyblock only available to VIP and up?How long does it last?
  20. Thanks for the update!


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