1. Even though I don't understand a single thing but good to see the admins working on these stuff.
  2. great job with what youve done so far
  3. hahahaha when youre million dollar idea explodes and blows you away so that you struggle to keep up
  4. I like this backend stuff
  5. I think am getting smarter
  6. I love these things. Now I REALLY wanna be a Hypixel Admin when I'm older.
  7. Looks like youre having fun
  9. Where can I access all the previous posts (#1 - 4 exactly)? Thanks.
  10. Kastor07

    Kastor07 New Member

    Thanks for more info!
  11. It's so unfortunate that I can't understand a thing. Anyway, it's awesome to get this shared.
  12. Am programmer
    barely understood anything
  13. So they're designed in C++? Nice. (I know…) Java bashing aside that sounds pretty good. You seem to be doing great so far.
    Basically no downtime while under heavy load. That alone is impressive. I like to see that you like optimising your code
  14. wdym? I guess if you don't really do Java… I mean: the memory model is kinda weird.
    Other than that the snippets of code are pretty self explanatory imo; same with the graphs.
  15. Any reason why you chose not to use Kubernetes over SaltStack?
  16. Yeah I don't do java but I expected myself to understand more of it then I did
  17. I didn't understand anything but I thought it was really cool nonetheless keep up the great work!
  18. hypixel must pay you all big money if you’re able to pull off galaxy brain games
  19. Did you guys saw the guy wearing a dragon fragment on the head in the screenshot?
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