1. English...?
  2. Sk1er

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    The Foundation F
    Fascinating, Thanks
  3. I like all dev. blogs!
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    Otaku Shrine UWU
    wait im meant to read this.
  5. Nice, now in english please.
  6. LiquidTom

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    damn i just wanted to play

    i hate ppl with ranks
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  7. 38/5000

    look forward to admin for member via skyblock soon
  8. _Stardxst_

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    Thanks. Everyone in my lobby is storming, 'WHY ISN'T SKYBLOCK WORKING!' and so I copied-and-pasted the beginning. Now everyone is just wondering, "When will it open?" So I'm suggesting maybe post your progress as you go?
  9. Je voulais juste vous remercier pour tout votre travail. <3 sur vous. En fait, mon ami et moi voulions savoir si vous saviez déjà quand aucun membre du rang supérieur ne peut se joindre à nouveau?
  10. I wonder, you use some ORM to work with a database or you use DTO and own realisation of loading data from database
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    (this thread was written in a quick manner as I only have a few more days before college starts, please excuse all the grammar errors as I am speed typing.)

    Very interesting thread. Reading this type of info is very cool. As a future computer scientist major, I appreciate learning anything to do with network development. I was able to understand about half of the article.

    I have a few questions regarding the amount of servers you use (btw the amount of work everyone has done to simplify processes and remove memory bugs is insane) (including fitting 2o games on a physical server with more modern games allowing multiple games on the same server)

    What does the lobby and limbo count as if games are only run on mini and mega servers?
    About how many machines do you use to keep Hypixel running (amount of mini and mega) (how many did you just have to add over the past few months)?
    how many of the servers used are back end servers like MasterControl, bungees and database machines?
    Any estimate as to how many terabytes of storage the network currently uses?
    How do servers automatically or manually switch the game they were running previously to support all of the players moving around.

    Thanks for all the work everyone has done!
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  13. Add a ducky skin for minions on skyblock and a skin where you can put a player name for the minion and the type of color (leather armor) like XDXD
  14. Biggoti

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    Awesome, love u guys!
  15. Greater legibility and better maintainability always wins over micro-optimizations that sacrifice those things. You not only do the team you work with a solid, but your future self will thank you when you travel back in time. :)

    Great post, Grafana makes everything look better, good choice!
  16. Good Job :)
    keep going .
  17. this post is extremely useful and helped me improve my code, thank you for it!
  18. Y33TM5TR

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    Pls bring SkyBlock back to people who don't want to spend money

    I want to save
  19. Flame_Frost_

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    Nice! All those graphs look cool.

    I didn't understand 90% of what that code meant.
  20. Wow this post took some real effort! Nice to hear you fellas are working hard to be the best server around! Cheers!
    And btw the java garbage collection link helped me quite a bit as Im a newbie programmer ;)

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