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    Too much for my brain to handle.. I like it tho!
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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    I'll be honest. i don't understand any of this
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    Emanate EMANATE
    Hmm so whats more painful
    Bitcoin mining
    or Running hypixel servers xd
  4. The game isn’t dead. It gets games starting at all times. The three most dead games on the server just got updates (albiet one being a removal of the game) Hypixel has probably just had enough of the smash community and wants it to die
  5. And that’s the fault of the developers :/ and mw still needs our update. This server staff so trash
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  6. idk fam,smash went from 200+ players to almost getting 60 now
    and shocking,they are still dead lol
    i felt this xD
    This is sadly true ;/
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  7. Smash games take 2-6 players, so even 60 is alive and well.
  8. See? The devs have had your view point for too long. “If it looks like it’s dying, we shouldn’t waste time on it”

    That mindset is a very very fast way to fill your server with half dead games that are incredibly bug ridden.
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    Have to say I really love these things. For young developers like myself who always strive to be better, these posts really make grasping the complex systems that you guys string together so much more attainable.

    Thanks for making the "impossible" not so impossible to understand. ❤️
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    how did u get helper rank??
    sorry for bothering this part of the forms and why am i watch doged XD
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    any way i have found a couple dead zones when the severs are not running as smooth what will you admins do about them even the holding lobby had it the first one i found was on skyblock :)
    this goes to i think
  12. Yet they still used their time to update every classic lobby game and it legit did nothing for it lol
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    but its for the severs aperance so the people will play the game and posable enjoy it
  14. Continue this great work!!
  15. Sometimes I feel like @Hypixel shows off their development skills. Sometimes they act like they the best and no one else can come up the level they can. Showing some graphs, telling some internal information, code snippets doesn't make you be #1 all the time. Everyone else also get a chance. Never be too over confident or under estimate other people. (This is my review on this post so let's not delete/remove it respective staff members or owners).

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    Ummm what?
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    Really understood everything, was so easy. Didn't even need to read to understand!
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    They don't brag about it or rub it in other servers' faces. If they're proud that they were able to programmatically overcome the mess that is Minecraft, then let them be proud. I think that everyone deserves that, no matter how good at anything they are.

    Well, statistically speaking, they are on top in terms of player count. So yes,


    but they're not discrediting anyone else in any way through these posts.

    Maybe it's just me, but I get the complete opposite side of that. Being a young developer, these posts are actually quite motivating for me and show me that what the incredibly talented developers at Hypixel do is actually within the bounds of reality and not just witchcraft.

    I doubt that anyone involved in the writing of these blog posts ever had that intention. These posts aim to inform curious community members and act as a display of snippets of their work. I don't get what's so awful about that or how it comes of as snobby.

    ... and the developers aren't taking away anyone's chance.

    They stated themselves that they're always finding new ways to improve their systems that once seemed fine to them. Also, I didn't see them "underestimate other people" once in this post.
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  19. Another dev blog so soon? One of my favourite threads to read!
  20. Because they put the games in the lobby in the first place. I am gonna stop here, but I just want to say most of the games are kinda useless to update now. Because they didn’t care to update them when it still counted.

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