1. You didn’t use my comprehensive graph, i’m disappointed in you.

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  2. Bakura1

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    Thanks for making an effort to explain some of the more behind-the-scenes stuff. Even if this is really confusing, it's somebody's job. Even though this isn't the most monumental thing you've ever shown us, it's always nice to see the developers be more transparent, no matter the amount.
  3. Don't have the capacity to understand everything in this thread, but still astonishing nonetheless.
  4. I couldn't understand it but this is awesome
  5. I really liked those best-practice guidelines for performant code
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  6. Reading this would be the same as reading a chinese essay so no tyvm
  7. Cant wait for next summer when hypixel doubles in size again :D
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  8. I like math and computers; but I'll stick with CAD, thank you. :p

    Hypixel developers are figuratively reading sophisticated books, complaining how much those books suck, and writing better versions of them.

    I'm still amazed at how far Hypixel has gone to make the most out of a Java based voxel game. I'm also glad that everyone on the Hypixel team seem to be working together and being open to new ideas. Thanks again for another tantalizing installment to the Hypixel Dev Blog saga!
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  9. Ok I read this halfway through before giving up, I don't understand anything pls help
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  10. lopen

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    I am so confused and I feel very stupid, you guys are geniuses for understanding this shit
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  11. what is the meaning with this i finally figured out how to get minecraft 1.8.9 and got 9 viruses and now ur telling me this?
  12. Keep up the good work Hypixel
  13. Thanks for sharing this information.
  14. Kinda sad that I know what most of this stuff means and deal with it fairly often on my server that I proudly own. It's always a pain to track down these issues that feel like they never end and always come back to haunt you. Anyways love these in-depth developer blogs! keep up the great work!
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  15. Why tf don't you people make the Dev Vlogs a weekly/monthly thing and actually talk to the community
    would be great if you ask me
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  16. So we get some facts that only a few people get, instead of Smash’s QoL update. Thaaaanks.
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  17. the game is dead and no update is gonna save it lol
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  18. w1nst0n

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    [Error 404] Constructive comment not found. Resorting to unconstructed_general_post.exe

    >>> start unconstructed_general_post.exe

    [1/3] Constructing careless thoughts...
    [2/3] Processing the photosynthesis...
    [3/3] Posting comment. Result:

    “Gosh! The Hypixel team puts so much effort into these posts! Keep it up, and thanks!”

    [Result] Post completed. Default to system:

    >>> exit
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