1. i expect u to use either U.2 or M.2 drives :d
  2. Hi Hypixel Developers,

    I am actually interested in developing a server myself, but I was wondering what it takes and how difficult it is to start (for the OGs). To be honest, Hypixel’s plugins are the best I’ve ever seen. If you would like, maybe give me a few starting tips?

    With regards,
    Some random Mineman
  3. I have been coding for 8 years and I think I am still not capable of being a Hypixel admin.
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  4. KingLion_915

    KingLion_915 New Member

    when i make a auto farm such as the one it the picture at the top of this part of the forms it would give me the the survival Minecraft item like when you make a new world not the custom one but when it on ah it turns back to normal and does not give me any stats for it i'm confused because other people made auto farms and they worked but mine doesn't
    please read this and reply if it wasnt a bug or if you are going to fix it
    Thanks KingLion_915
  5. KingLion_915

    KingLion_915 New Member

    please just don't put memes here
  6. 75 "big computers" 1500 servers, that makes 20 servers per dedicated server, assuming the amount of servers per dedicated server my guess would be each "big computer" is at atleast 64gb, guessing a i7-7700k aswell, those are easily $100+/m for each "big computer" that's a shit load of money each month just for one server damn...


    Not to mention all additional expenses
  7. Speechless...
  8. skyblock really blew up huh
  9. Recite

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    Guild Master
    Will there be a way to convert worlds to .slime files?
  10. there is already a converter out there
  11. I don’t know why I read all of that... I had no idea what any of that means
  12. Sophn

    Sophn New Member

    Thats insane
  13. Jesos...

    I can store this one time on my PC
  14. Will this become open-source with world converters and more?
  15. blackiysto

    blackiysto New Member

  16. RLX179

    RLX179 New Member

    Yo, Skyblock project is cool... I understand what you guys are talking about. Cool!
  17. gulid_233

    gulid_233 New Member

    I played Murder Mystery in Chypixel and encountered a mountain Bug. Please fix the Bug of the mountain.
    At 6 o'clock in Beijing time today, I met two people who made pictures. The Bug of the picture is very serious.
    And no one has ever fixed the Bug of Murder Mystery's mountain on Chypixel.
    The guild on Chypixel has been feedback to Netease many times.

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