1. PunKeel

    PunKeel Retired Network Developer

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Maxime, aka PunKeel. I joined the Hypixel Server just over 3 months ago as a developer. During those 3 months, I have been working on tools for our Moderation team, Watchdog / cheat detection and other network infrastructure related tasks. My goal here is simple: to make sure your perception of the server is as good as it can be, including reducing the amount of cheaters on the server and improving stability.

    This week, I focused on an issue you might be well aware of: hit registration e.g whether or not a hit from one player to another player registers. Thanks to your feedback we found issues within the code and resolved them very quickly. In this post I break down the causes of those issues and our working solutions - continue reading to find out more.

    ▶ What was the problem with hit registration?
    In order to fix the issue, I first had to understand what caused it. This step is important to understand what can be done about it.
    • As some of you may know, Minecraft uses a default reach of 3 blocks.
    • Everytime you hit an entity, your "reach" to this entity is calculated as the distance from your player's head to the entity's hitbox nearest point.
    • You can see the hitbox when pressing F3+B. For a player, this hitbox is 0.6 x 0.6 x 1.62 blocks.
    This is the right way to calculate the reach, but it causes a first issue: as the reach is calculated from the top of your head, the lower parts of the body are harder to hit.

    In the vanilla Minecraft Server code, reach is calculated using another method, the distance from your head to the entity's head. This does not account for the hitbox and gives problematic reach values when players are not at the same Y level. So the default reach value in the Minecraft Server is 6 (which is a lot more than 3 blocks)! This allows for several exploits (also knows as 'Reach hacks'), and is clearly not acceptable.

    The server is also faced with an other issue: latency. While on your screen (your client) you may see the person you are fighting in a certain position, he might actually have moved somewhere else already, but this information takes some times to travel between the server and your PC via the internet. This creates situations where on your screen (client) you should have hit someone, when on the Server he already moved out of the way.

    This explains the default value of 6 blocks, but feels wrong anyway: it becomes easier for players with a low ping to place hits.

    Another issue in the Minecraft Server code is the Line of Sight check: if you can't see your opponent, your reach is reduced to 3 blocks server side. This Line of Sight check only works if you are able to see the head of your opponent - it assumed if you see the entity, it can see you too, but when hitting other players this is not always the case.


    In the above picture, if I was to hit this poor snowman, the line of check would consider I can't see him directly because it can't possibly see me. The broken line of sight check from head to head leads to reduced reach on the server side.

    There is also a bug in the Minecraft client code which makes it seem like your hits register even when they shouldn't. When you deal a critical hit, or hit with a item enhanced with sharpness, you will see white or blue particles. These particles indicate you dealt additional damage. The Minecraft Server you are connected to should be responsible for these particles, but in reality the client displays them anyway. Even if the Server sees your hit as invalid, your client displays the particles as if you landed a hit correctly.

    This is, to my knowledge, the worst bug and the one I decided to tackle: it leads to all the server bug issues being visible to you.

    ▶ What did we change?
    In order to improve hit registration, we had to dive deep into the Minecraft Server code. This is quite a scary place, but we brought torches. The hit registration issues are mostly caused by latency, so if we are able to tell where your opponent was when you hit it, we are able to check if your hit is legitimate. This is exactly what the new hit registration system does: it checks where the entity you hit was when you did hit it, and validates (or not) the hit.

    This easy solution - though easier said than done - was our first change to the hit registration, 2 days ago.
    Unfortunately this meant we were also accepting hits from 5+ blocks away, and in some situations it made players look like they were using reach exploits.

    The second version (was present on the server on the 4th and 5th of January) meant to reduce the maximum reach when hitting. A subtle bug was introduced, leading to some hits being refused without reason, but was quickly detected thanks to your feedback.

    The third version, deployed a few hours ago on the server, fixes the way the reach is calculated on our side so that entities on different heights are still able to fight decently. This last change involved a lot of math, so I will spare you the details. Though it's worth noting the lower you are, the easier it is to deal hits.

    ▶ Why don't you just fix Hit Registration?
    We would love to be able to fix Hit Registration, but unfortunately we have no control over the code in your Minecraft Client, the game that you run on your PC. There are lots of elements of the Minecraft Client code that make very little sense from our point of view as a server trying to provide online PVP games that are fun and fair for everyone. If we had some control over the client (or the issues were resolved on Mojang's side) we could for example prevent the particles from displaying on critical hits even when the hits don't land.

    When making any changes to systems like Hit Registration we also need to keep a high level of cheat detection. Players must not be banned because of our changes, but hacking must also not be made easier.
    We also know that this issue is impacted (negatively) by latency, and although we would like to provide everyone with the same game play quality, this is not an easy-to-fix issue.

    There are more than 35 games on the Hypixel Server, and we have to make sure our changes are compatible with all of them without impacting the gameplay in a destructive way. We also have to support multiple versions of Minecraft from 1.8 all the way through to 1.12, and have combat between versions feel as similar as possible. We need to find that right balance, which takes time, and your feedback helps us a lot.

    ▶ Will the new Hit Registration stay?
    As you may have noticed, we made several changes to hit registration over the past few days.
    We feel like this iteration is a step in the right direction. It might even be good enough, but we know it is still not perfect and are willing to improve it — until it becomes impossible to improve it further.

    When making these changes, we try our best to test all the possible situations, but we know this is not humanely possible: edge cases are hard to trigger (thanks, latency), and we can't think of them all.

    But in short we are improving hit registration every day with your feedback. Please let us know what you think in this thread :)

    ▶ Do players with a low ping / high ping now have an advantage?
    No, they do not.

    We want to provide the best experience for all of our players, and this includes non-US players. The way we made our changes, all players get equal chances of winning a fight, no matter what their ping is (to some extent, of course).

    ▶ How can I help?
    We are looking for feedback from 7th jan or after so we can keep making improvements. Any feedback from before January 7th is not helpful as we already improved the code since then.

    To help us, all we ask for is your feedback on recent reach changes. To provide us with the feedback, just reply to this thread with the following information:
    [B]My IGN[/B]:
    [B]Minecraft version[/B]:
    [B]Hypixel Minigame I was playing[/B]:
    We are looking for constructive feedback only - any replies that break the rules or are overly negative will be removed to keep the conversation about improvements and feedback.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
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  2. shahed

    shahed Well-Known Member

    You’re definitely doing the right thing. Great job! You guys have really been stepping up your game recently and I️ love it!
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  3. Hit reg and lag have been really wonky, is it related to these changes?
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  4. Great to know it's been being worked on! Welcome to the team! :D
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  5. ;)
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  6. Awesome! :p
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  7. ItsTene

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  8. Nice.
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  9. With these changes in hit registration in place, should there be any change in what players should look for when it comes to hackers, and if so, do you have any pointers on what should look suspicious?
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  10. Potato
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  11. Metamorphy

    Metamorphy Well-Known Member

    Good to hear it's being worked on some. Awesome changes guys, keep up the great works :)
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  12. Thank you so much for asking for feedback for hit registration. My general problem (for me) is that all players seem to have a longer reach then I do. I live in the Australia, and this stuffs up many of my fights. I just want it to come down to skill, not the amount of ping.
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  13. yes
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  14. WolfRift

    WolfRift Well-Known Member

    N0L1F35 NOLIFE
    This explains so much
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  15. Optay

    Optay Well-Known Member

    SkyLegion SKYLGN
    Ooooo interesting
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  16. Texay

    Texay Well-Known Member

    Magic Minemen MAGIC
    Guild Master
    Im looking forward to PvPing with this improvement! Also, looking forward to a more fair system, for all of the low and high “pingers”
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  17. mitlar

    mitlar New Member

    Disowned D
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  18. Questings

    Questings Well-Known Member

    Nice job!
  19. Awesome! Good to know some backend and infrastructure is being worked on. Looking forward to the updates :)
    Also, congratz on joining the staff team.
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  20. Snowmen lives matter. Stop Blocky Snowman abuse today at store.hypixel.net
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