1. [​IMG] About Us
    Welcome to Defying! We are a guild of 75+ members and wish to make our members experience within the network as enjoyable as possible! Our focus is to create a laid back and fun community to be a part of! We have low requirements as we wish to have a diverse guild for all to enjoy! We have a discord, which is preferable for our members to join, however not compulsory. Feel free to join our discord, we do however have an approval procedure, so if you have joined the discord via forums, please state so!

    You must meet all compulsory requirements to get in and at least 2 of our additional requirements in order to join! If you don't meet an additional requirement please leave your plancke stats if you believe you play a mixture of games!
    -Network level 40+

    -Be active within the network
    -Have 1000+ achievement points

    -Network level 100+
    -Bedwars level 100+ or 50+ with 2 fkdr
    -Gold prestige in skywars
    -50 wins in any tnt game
    -50 build battle wins
    -1000 murder mystery wins
    -200 arcade wins
    -25 zombies wins
    -Diamond prestige in any duels mode
    -2500 achievement points
    -Have a discord account
    -If you main in any other games please state in your application + provide any stats or achievements within that game

    Application Template
    1) Ign:
    2) Age:
    3) Discord (if applicable):
    4) Previous guilds:
    5) Main games:
    6) Additional requirements:
    7) Tell us a bit about yourself!:
    8) Your Plancke link:
    9) Please list any alts:
    (If you apply on an alt you will be instantly denied)

    Our Events
    -Weekly movie nights
    -Internal GvGs
    -Discord karaokies
    -GvGs (if any guild wishes to do a gvg feel free to contact me)

    Our Staff

    [MVP++] Toxicly
    [VIP+] LiquidFlare
    [MVP] SkillBeatsAll
    [MVP+] Yumitznutella
    [MVP++] Weasel06
    [VIP] DrySoup (trial officer)

    If you wish to apply for officer please message me on discord for the application template! Please acknowledge in order to receive officer you must be active and is mostly a trust based role - you cannot apply if you have been in the guild under a week!
    Guild Roles
    Loyal- This is for members that I know as a fact have been in this guild for a while and have generally contributed a lot to the guild.
    PvP Gods- This rank is for members who meet the following requirements: Get Legend V in duels, 225 stars in bedwars or 150 stars and 4 fkdr, gold division in skywars or attain 15 stars in skywars.
    Elite- To maintain this role you must earn at least 170k gexp every week, this role has to be maintained and is not a permanent role.
    Staff- Officers and co-guildmaster (attainable via an application process)
    Guild Master- (self explanatory)

    Upcoming Events
    -6v6 skywars GvG against Sadly [SAD]
    -Gexp competition/raffle for rank (ends Sunday 24th March)
    -Weekly movie night
    -Upcoming karaoke-dates not arranged

    (If any guilds wish to do a gvg feel free to message me via discord or in forums dms, discord you will get a more immediate response. ɪzzy#5031)​
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  2. Nice guild, wanna give me officer lol

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  3. No but like now for real, if you guys want a non toxic and friendly guild, please just apply.

    Kind regrats,
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  4. RobotWeasel

    RobotWeasel New Member

    Ok, My account is not confirmed, but im weasel06. I have been in this guild for a little over 4 months. It is AMAZING.
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  5. Hi_Hi_Hi_Hi_Hi

    Hi_Hi_Hi_Hi_Hi Active Member

    gl with guild ^_^
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  6. MistylessMC

    MistylessMC Active Member

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  7. Good luck with the guild! I advise editing your guild thread quite often as you have recently acquired an officer and that should be mentioned.
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  8. RobotWeasel

    RobotWeasel New Member

    And I'm only A trial officer sooo
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  9. :)
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  10. 1) Ign: MyAmericanPing
    2) Age: 18
    3) Discord (if applicable): MyAmericanPing#6276
    4) Previous guilds: Enigma, Rice and a few others
    5) Main games: Bedwars, Skywars sometimes
    6) Additional requirements: Im almost 300 stars in bedwars and my fkdr is 2.7 still recovering from when my sister played. Im also a hypixel level 76.
    7) Tell us a bit about yourself!: Im 18 years old will be 19 in July. I'm mostly a positive person who tires to make others laugh. I want to find a place where i can make friends and just have fun with new people
    8) Your Plancke link: https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/MyAmericanPing#BedWars
  11. Looks good! Thanks for applying. Izzy will contact you soon!:)
  12. Good luck with your guild :p
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  13. MistylessMC

    MistylessMC Active Member

    hi finals again
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  14. Thank you for your application. You've been accepted. Please leave your current guild if you are in one and still interested in joining. Myself or an officer will try to invite you some point today!
  15. Hai :p
  16. 1) Ign:TheMormo
    2) Age:19
    3) Discord (if applicable): TheMormo#1233
    4) Previous guilds:none
    5) Main games:bed wars and zombie
    6) Additional requirements:7 stars bed wars and 12 hypixel level im new player is hypixel
    7) Tell us a bit about yourself!:
    I am 19 years old, I have been playing for 9 years since I was 9, I like team games and building games
    I love music video games and rpg sessions with my friends

    8) Your Plancke link: https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/TheMormo
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  17. RobotWeasel

    RobotWeasel New Member

    iStealFinals lol your quote thing is GREAT
  18. Accepted
  19. 1) Ign: Reauthorize
    2) Age:12 ( i am short)
    3) Discord (if applicable):
    4) Previous guilds: katios, betrayed, hijacked
    5) Main games: Bedwars, duels
    6) Additional requirements:100 stars, well technically I am a 93, with a 1 for pls accept
    7) Tell us a bit about yourself!: I am a decent lineman
    8) Your Plancke link: https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/Reauthorize#BedWars
    9) Please list any alts: Have none :D
  20. Accepted-offline invite sent

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