1. unless its a level one , its a bug and if it isnt level one then thats why
  2. Add searching for enchant levels please, it works for potions but not for books. Which is annoying if you are trying to find sharp or growth 6
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  3. 2019-12-04_17.02.28.png might as well throw this thing out now...
  4. Pretty sure upgradae-able personal bank was put in becausevof me ;)
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  5. In my opinion it isn't, or well, out of all the options they chose one of the worst fixes they could think of. There was a thread with the idea of adding an upgrade on emerald 10 which in my opinion would've been awesome since it'd be worth grinding for. Now we not only gotta go get ~the same amount of emeralds but also get 6mil to get the same functions we had with piggy bank for free.
    Right now the whole feeling of it being an actual piggy bank isn't there. A piggy bank stores your coins, it doesn't magically save your coins when you die somehow.
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  6. xNaCly

    xNaCly New Member

    The personal bank upgrades are way to expensive, i do not like these patches
  7. ericwulf100

    ericwulf100 New Member

    how bout young and old dragon pls buff those
    i cant 1shot zelots anymoreee
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  8. I'd love to pay 64 enchanted emeralds for the first upgrade, an enchanted emerald block for the second, and 4 enchanted emerald blocks for the last one. It's cheaper and gives emerald a use that is actually useful.

    As an alternative for coins. I think that would help a lot.
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  9. um you make one mistake.... arrows are now aiming to the top of the dragon instead of right at it causing all arrows to form into a ball at the top i like how arrows are aiming at the body now instead of the feet but now only tarantula guys can actually hit the dragon
  10. The piggy bank was super convenient and easy to get. I think the price should be heavily reduced to upgrade it. Also I'm a little mixed with what the piggy bank is now. Is it worth 5k coins and a major inconvenience for each repair?
  11. rip piggy bank
  12. ALAND

    ALAND Well-Known Member

    Zanite ZANITE
    Guild Master
    This will make the personal bank in the inventory shine! It was probably one of the most useless things before this update.
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  13. its only for deaths with 20k+ in purse
  14. May fix the Dragon Frags Unstackable (sorry for my english i'm brazillian)
  15. W
    what if I wanted boats
  16. Tricyclethief

    Tricyclethief Active Member

    what happens if you die with 19k on you? you lose half, or you keep it all but the piggy bank doesn't break?
  17. still didnt fix scorpion foil
  18. Make the Piggy bank hold 1 or 3 stacks of enchanted pork, like when you right click with piggy on hand an inventory pops up with 1/3 slots where u can put enchanted pork so when you die it uses the pork inside to repair itself instead of having to do it everytime
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  19. OOF____

    OOF____ New Member

  20. sounds like someone is poor
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