1. Zordlan42

    Zordlan42 Member

    when your tier 4 boss just spawned that you spent hours trying to summon and some non with a knockback sword hits it into the void

    they should make the "you died to a boss" messages less toxic, my friend literally broke his computer's monitor over one of those
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  2. I agree with the change to the piggy bank since it was a bug
    But I think the personal bank upgrades are quite pricey
    I think that maybe the first upgrade is 100k then the next is like 300k then the final maybe be like 800k
    Also make the emerald collection a little less because only a small amount of players have 250k emerald collection
  3. everyone likes piggy bank now
  4. Make it so that you can sync progress from 1 profile to another eg combat lvl, fairy souls
  5. Can you please make an option when doing slayer bosses that you can choose if you want players be able to hit the boss or not because its annoying that players that can do a Tier 4 svens need to die because some people with lapis armor and knockback items knocking the boss on you and makes you lose the quest. I know it would take time to code but please do it slayers is not that fun when random people just randomly knock your boss on you and cause you to die or blocking your hits.
    I think it will make slayers a bit less annoying. Thanks on the bug fixes and you always working hard to give us better time playing the game
  6. Holy, did I just see a cactus farm on October? SIMPLY NOT ALLOWED!!!111!
  7. unblock from skyblock no cap
  8. rip piggy bank 2019-2019
  9. 0lts

    0lts Well-Known Member

    allright time to kick my island mates off
  10. What Will Happen To The 2plr coop after one is kicked cause i want to do this but i don't want to lose my whole profile?
  11. SomebodyMaybe

    SomebodyMaybe Active Member

    I generally support and appreciate typo fixes, but this one ruined my sb plans. It took me weeks to make some 47 minute Strength VIII pots, getting the blaze farm set up and having a back-supply of glowstone and redstone blocks. 1 day before this update I could sell Strength VIII for 150-250K (even when I was just selling the 20 minute version). After the update, the pots aren't selling. Why? Because no one wants just plus 75 strength, they wanted plus 75% strength. I never actually noticed before when I drank Strength pots that it was plus a set amount, not a percentage, and neither did most people I'm assuming. Strength VIII doesn't seem worth it. Why go through all the expensive effort for just +75 strength? It does give lots of alchemy experience but other than that the materials needed to make Strength VIII vs. what stats boost u get is... disproportionate.

    In conclusion: buff strength potions.
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  12. im depressed now
  13. Do those Stack or are they Upgrades?
  14. Thank god this bug got patched, spent weeks grinding for emerald armor only for this bug to delete 3/4 pieces of my emerald set, all I had left was my helmet :/
  15. hgec123

    hgec123 New Member

    i am XD thats why im pissed
  16. As you fixed the bug that Jamie failed to give the rogue sword, will I finally be able to get it, since I didn’t get it for the first time?
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  18. Armor of the pack still useless mastiff should be again unlocked in lv 6

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