Decay or not?

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  1. So if someone right now on the first day of ranked got 3,000 rating on the first day of the season then they would guaranteedly get masters. There is no reason for them to keep playing. I think a way to make ranked more competetive is by having a rating decay system. This would work by consecutive days someone doesn't get a win in ranked. Each consecutive days someone doesn't get a ranked win they lose 2 rating and double that the next day if they don't win one, each day the rating they lose doubles. This will force people to play the whole season and not be able to get masters from the first day.
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  2. What if somebody grinded for a few days because they were going on vacation for the rest of the month?
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  3. I think ranked should be something people have to compete for during the entire season. Simply playing 3 days a month to win seems very lame.
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  4. Players would play more often, but that includes the entire spectrum (legitimate and cheaters included).

    I still like the idea of actually working more towards a division than getting either lucky or a good group for a couple games and stopping there.
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  5. you are missing the entire point of what he said - say you really want the hearts projectile trail from gold division, but you are going on vacation for most of the month. If this decay system was in place, you would have to wait 3 months to have a chance at getting the hearts trail.
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    no thanks i like grinding safe dia then stopping.
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  7. no, some people's strategy is to grind to safe gold/diamond then stop playing. just because it's a more "lame" strategy than others doesn't mean it should be discouraged
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  8. I think your family means a bit more than a block game.
    This is what this would be aiming to prevent. You wouldn't be the only person impacted by this.
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  9. Affected
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  10. lmao you're still avoiding the point.
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  11. Why not only have decayed ranks for those in Diamond and/or Masters division? Then it would only affect those who are striving for the very top rather than divisions where probably the majority usually end up with.
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  12. this will never happen ok thanks everyone
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  13. put in a poll. lets see what the majority of players think.
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  14. Ranked should not be just a game you play 2 days every month. Just because you personally can not play all season does not mean we should make the game less balanced.
    Why not?
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  15. wait, so you're saying you should make the game more UNBALANCED? wtf??
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  16. Oops kind of a typo.
  17. because no matter what you do it's not a fair system , just because you think you should have to play actively to get rewards doesn't mean it's true. if I want to, I can get diamond division in 1 day. all that means is I don't lose because I'm a good player, now why should I be punished for this? the issue of players not being available to play every day is also another concern. sorry dude, this just can't happen.
  18. I think requiring players to play all season monitors more consistency in any players skills. Someone getting lucky for a day isn't the most skilled player.
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  19. Rizinq

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    No, if you're someone who struggles to get gold (like me, bad luck + queueing with cheaters every game at 1.1-1.2k rating + mediocre skill/ping) then this kills your chances - once you get gold, it's risky to play again because of your bad luck and skill, but if you don't you'll drop out of gold. This also means if you get say risky dia, you have to keep playing with the risk of draining to cheaters.

    No offense, this idea is absolute garbage.
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  20. exactly, @Rizinq said it perfectly.

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