1. U staff should makeskywars only able to play with badlion or hyperioum that to decrease the amount of cheaters .

    Thanks for taking time reading this .
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  2. SmokeMeh

    SmokeMeh Active Member

    intelligent minewoman
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  4. WoW wHaT a GrEaT iDeA. Like noone has ever suggested this right. Also hyperium would be useless since it doesnt have an anticheat and wont ever have
  5. Applying your knowledge...
    Lets remove skywars so that there won't be any cheaters on skywars!!!!!!!!
  6. 6CPS

    6CPS Well-Known Member

    Original suggestion...
  7. >hyperium doesn't have an anticheat
    >people still cheat on blc
    >neither of these are mac compatible
  8. you can cheat on hyperium
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  9. I hope this is a joke knowing the fact that u cheat also lmao
  10. Even better just delete the whole game, then there can't be any cheaters.
  11. Hard ro cheat on hyperioum and it least it will decrease amont of cheating that what i said i didnt say it will stop it

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