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  1. emperortammon123

    emperortammon123 New Member

    u don't have a ass
    LOL WHO ARE U? no one knows u
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  2. an*
    as i said, i have linked my account (ign Twicetagram under my profile). And you didnt, same as that guy. I don't know you either
  3. I have linked my account (ign Twicetagram) while you didn't
    So? that doesn't mean you have more power over me
  4. jamescano

    jamescano Active Member

    How tf does that change anything? All that tells us is that you're a spoiled kid who has mvp+.
    How tf are we supposed to know you if you linked your minecraft account. If I somehow linked my account to Lofty, https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/lofty, it wouldn't change anything.
  5. jamescano

    jamescano Active Member

    It means you're being a hypocrite by saying who tf are you.

    If some of the most well-known members of Hypixel Forums made a Smash Heroes meme thread, you don't say who tf are you.
  6. Under my profile says my ign which means i have linked my account to this forums account. And you? didn't say anything tells me that you haven't linked your account yet so how am i supposed to know who you are? It's funny how you don't even know how hypixel forums work.
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  7. jamescano

    jamescano Active Member

    I can't argue against this.

    It's too good for me.
  8. If this is supposed to be a joke/meme thread, you should have thought of that earlier.
  9. jamescano

    jamescano Active Member

    I don't understand what you're saying. What is that?
  10. Frostpaw

    Frostpaw Member

    Honestly, I've been reading this crap... and this whole THREAD, is a meme at this point, if you don't know what a meme is, look on the internet, I am 100% certain you'll find what you're looking for.
  11. Weslife

    Weslife Well-Known Member

    dont worry, i know who you are jamescano, and you too ensnaring, and you too emperortammon123!
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  12. jamescano

    jamescano Active Member

    This thread is very serious! It displays my coronation to become the new host.

    And if you read his reply it barely makes any sense. He's stating that it isn't a meme thread and doesn't specify what that is.
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  13. I did NOT state that this isn't a meme thread. It happens a lot since the community is a meme. But you're making it seem like a real thread, by saying: "fite me non."
  14. Frostpaw

    Frostpaw Member

    So is my happiness, my happiness is very serious but you love making crap from "memes" and you want to be a "host?" yeahhhhhhhh no, no one knows you.

    I am done here.

    As I said before, if you want to continue arguing with me, feel free to open a DM with me... then I might be able to understand you, in a 1 on 1, to actually understand what you're trying to do... rather then make yourself look like a bigger tool then you already are.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018 at 12:59 AM
  15. EA177FD4-05ED-4675-A34F-932131E7A533.jpeg
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  16. jamescano

    jamescano Active Member

    Lies there is no community. And if there was one, I the great host of this community, would make a tax on nons. No one has ever explained what "that" means. It is a real thread. Since Smash became a democracy after the fall of Ottoman, I was voted into power. I then made it a Dictatorship again.
    ;-; I don't need the image anymore. I've decided to not use it.
    Honestly, the only thing people know about you is that you're a toxic pedophile furry. Maybe you can go play cards with Christian Weston Chandler.
    You've said that many times before, but keep returning.
    I'm not arguing with you. If I was, I would be making reasonable replies, but as the one and only Host, I feel that my authority is too good for filthy common peasants. As I have said before, BEGONE!

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  17. Frostpaw

    Frostpaw Member

    Kid me being a "pedophillic furry" that happened years ago... stop beating a dead horse, get over it.

    Honestly, I thought you would of changed... but you haven't nor will u ever... you're just too stubborn to realise that, you're beating a dead horse...

    Shit happens douchebag.

    Happened 3 years ago...

    Get the fuck over it.

    Honestly this "community" is the biggest meme I have seen... also how can I be a "pedo" and have a caring boyfriend and friends who accept me for me...?

    Also if you want to get into toxicity... go fight focus_energy, my toxicity days are numbered.

    Honestly if you actually had the balls to call me 1 on 1 on discord, you'd realise quite a lot about me... trust me you would, I ain't like this IRL with all the toxic bullshit... but... whatever floats your boat, you can keep following dead trends... or you can wake up and smell the coffee and realise, it happened ages ago, it's worthless now.

    You would actually realise, I am kind, caring and loving once you get to know me, even ask @Ensnaring (sorry for the tag) he knows me, quite well.

    Ok NOW I'M DONE HERE, I lied before cause this shit is funny as.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018 at 6:52 PM
  18. 5D5CBCE5-13F7-4C6A-932B-09A9B4254A23.jpeg
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  19. jamescano

    jamescano Active Member

    Maybe I'll assassinate Oprah Winfrey and hide for a few years. Then all my crimes will be lifted.
    No, you just disgust me more. What's wrong with beating dead horses. You have to beat leather to make it usable.
    Donald Trump happened.
    People still complain that Russia is in kahoots with him.
    Tell that to all the books that are called "How Russia Helped Donald Trump Into Office"
    Do you know what the word meme means? I think you're confusing it with joke. Saying cool words doesn't mean you're cool. Hard to break it to you. You can be someone married for 50 years and still be a pedophile. I can quote "Me Too" on that.
    Not really. You're both almost equally toxic imo.
    Why tf would I call you on discord. Why would I want to? I would probably realize that you're simply too self-absorbed IRL. Yes, my boat floats quite nicely. I doubt you know what the word trend means. Yes, Hitler happened ages ago. People are still complaining about him and also worshiping.
    Anyone who says that they are kind, caring, and loving are either lying to make them feel better, or are fools led by their own and other's delusions. I'm sorry your mama told you that you were a good boy. Ensnaring isn't a good reference because he called me out without knowing any background information to the thread. He also has a bad Sanic.
    You literally made a conversation with me 1 and 1/2 hour later. Do you have a life? You can find help. Actually you can't, but it's nice saying that.
  20. Frostpaw

    Frostpaw Member

    Honestly you're too stupid to realise that most of the shit you said... is pathetic.

    Calling ME self-absorbed...? Huh k... keep thinking that, honestly you can't judge a book by its cover, in other words, I'm so different IRL then Ingame it just takes two to tango, does it not?

    Meaning, you think I act like how I'm acting IG to IRL, meaning I'm toxic as hell...?

    No, I'm not Ninja, okay? I'm completely different but since you don't have the balls to call me on discord... we shall leave it at that until you get said balls...

    If you want to, I can show you everything that has been used against me by that saint...
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018 at 8:07 PM

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