1. Mobocracy has been hammered!


    Have you made the right choice? Or the dreadfully wrong one?

    Mobocracy is innocent!

    Of course, you all know that.

    Astatine was the blackened! Big surprise.

    Mobocracy and NetherNitro have been chosen as the two random executions by default. The game is now over.

    Congratulations Astatine for winning and killing.. uh.. six people. Christ.

    Congrats to P1xelBit for winning peacefully and playing a really clean game.

    Shoutouts to Skullmaster4 for being the detective, murderer, and victim in that order respectively. He gets the imaginary third place award.

    Mod writeup coming soon. Probably tonight. Thanks for playing everybody, really fun game to moderate, thanks for bearing with all my mistakes.
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  2. ahahahaishouldprobablytakeabreakfromthesebutimadeadealsoiguessnot

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  3. Skullmaster4

    Skullmaster4 Well-Known Member

    This has been a really fun game, I think it was pretty successful. Had more pages with a smaller player count, which means activity was good.

    I had no real regrets this game other than reviving Astatine, I was waffling on if I was going to revive Zichy or Astatine. I should have just gone with the safe bet and revived Zichy. I guess I thought that if I revived them, I could use that to control them. Turns out you can’t really control Astatine lol

    Shout outs to @Mobocracy, I think we had the first successful accomplice murder. The problem with accomplices is that the accomplice doesn’t have any reason to defend the murderer, but since neither of us were technically the murderer, we didn’t have to worry about that.

    Sorry about the whole trying to commit suicide thing, I was trying to shake up the night and create a possibly good mystery. I legitimately didn’t have any bad intentions for it.
  4. NanoCourse

    NanoCourse Well-Known Member

    wait, so did @Astatine kill me? I have no clue

    also, GG!
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  5. Skullmaster4

    Skullmaster4 Well-Known Member

    Yup. I believe they dropped you when they were trying to climb down a trapdoor with you.
  6. Hungurr_The_Astromancer

    He was such a good egg. And you all didn’t even pretend to be sad when he turned out to be the murderer in an unintentional crime. Shame on you all.

    34 PAGES

    34 PAGES

    he did lot of thing

    actually successfully organized an event during night time

    made smart posts during the first trial

    did other things probably

    blindly followed astatine into his death. Whatever floats yer boat I suppose.

    made boat very smartly

    turned bathroom into defense fort with window

    very noice

    NetherNitro - Bent sword with glitter on it

    Astatine - Ghillie suit

    Advanced camouflage basically, I only realized how bad of an idea it was to give it to them afterwards.

    Skullmaster4 - Fencing Foil

    Had a button that electrocutes people, perhaps a little too powerful in retrospect, but still cool.

    Mobocracy - B.B. Gun

    Clearly wanted a sniper rifle, decided to mess with them a bit :p.

    Zichy - Keys and Locks

    Probably my favorite out of the utility items, unfortunate that it wasn’t used.

    Ifiw - Tool Set

    Screwdriver, Pliers, Wirecutters. Unfortunately unused, mostly because I didn't give too many opportunity to use them. Screwdriver would have made a decent weapon, despite being utility

    Nanocourse - Hamster Ball

    Goofy shield

    P1xelBit - Button that opens doorway between Library and Dining Room

    Well, at least it made for a pretty funny realization during the first trial.

    Javabrine - Radio that only plays Despacito

    I brought back the meme item that wasn't used in the first game, and it still didn't get used in this game. This is so sad.

    Hungurr_The_Astromancer - Shield

    Self explanatory. Pretty good item, he used it well.

    hope you all had fun, got really tiring to run near the end though. Apologizes for the lazy time limit motives. Everybody was incredibly active which was nice, I almost wish we had some inactive people so I didn’t feel so bad when people died :p

    Big thank to skull + Mobo and astatine for pushing this game forward when people were too scared to do anything. We need better motives, but other than winning I have no idea what I would offer that wouldn’t be incredibly gamebreaking.

    Plans were a bit too ambitious for this game. I think it’s best to just keep it as simple as possible. I had no good way of keeping track of inventories, and y’all are freaking hoarders. Whoever the next mod is should try and take this into account, I think.

    No major secrets you guys didn’t find. Didn’t really have many secrets to begin with. Kinda hard to make secrets that won’t either me immediately found and taken by the fastest players. If you didn’t know, all the dorm rooms were connected by cooridors under the trapdoors.

    Trials went decently well, no major rule breaking. I wish these were the focus of the game with the flavor as a backdrop instead of the other way around, but I suppose that would require more players.

    Anyways, good luck to whoever mods next. I’m definitely not doing it and I’m sure skull still doesn’t want to. As far as I’m concerned anybody can take it if they want, just be aware how much of a time commitment it is.

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  7. Yeah, that was probably the high point of the game for me. It became a bit stressful when I couldn't find anyone except for Hungurr (and Nano, but I had forgotten about Nano by that point), and when I had to go offline for large periods of time, but it worked out pretty well.

    The rest of the game was me being perpetually worried that someone had booby-trapped a door I was about to use, or that someone was going to jump me. It now occurs to me that my inventory effectively guaranteed that I would be a murder machine (BB gun, sledge hammer, poison gas vial, why did I not go on a killing spree sooner?).
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  8. Oh, and for anybody curious

    Astatine kidnapped NanoCourse with NetherNitro in his dorm, planned to take him down into the tunnel and kill him.

    I pointed out that he would need a reasonable way to transport a conscious hostage 20 ft down a ladder

    His solution was to use a bedsheet

    I decided it was still pretty unreasonable so I rolled for it and he got a 2/10 so I just had Astatine accidentally drop him 15 feet killing him on impact
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  9. Skullmaster4

    Skullmaster4 Well-Known Member

    sorry hungurr ;<

    I would be fine hosting another game eventually. I’m still down with somebody else getting a chance to moderate if anybody is interested.

    I’ll post some sort of update if I plan on hosting a game at any point. Go ahead and say something if you would like to host the next game.
  10. Take an explanation post to the face.

    Throwback Time -

    Beginning of the game, Zichy informed me that there were keys in people's dorms. So, of course, I stole all of them. Wondering what they're for? Well, there's trapdoors in your dorms. Under the rug, ya? That's how I initially planned on killing Java, before Zichy and Java had both wound up in the tunnel come night start and I was forced to improvise. Well, then I died and handed off the keys to a couple of the living players. Come revival, after a couple initial ideas that didn't work out so well (player interference, paranoia, new area openings, etc.) I had an actually successful idea. After all, to find a body, you'd have to actually enter the room it was in. So, what if the body was somewhere no one else could find or access?

    Killing Nano -

    So, it came down to 5 people. With my prior experience at the trials, I knew convincing Skull and Mobo into a mislynch wouldn't be easy, along with the fact that I was pretty sure they were cooperating, to a point. It was essentially a 2v2v1 (Nitro and I had allied shortly after my revival) at that point. The initial plan was to hide Nano, let Nitro kill them, and get mislynched. Then Skull invited me to their 'commitance of seppuku'. Killing both Skull and Nano meant Nitro and I would have the vote majority and whoever killed Nano would have a guaranteed win. During the day, I knocked out Nano, restrained and hid them in Nitro's dorm. I originally planned to have Nitro kill Nano, but there were issues before that could even happen. Immediately after Night started, I attempted to use some hand-crafted ropes to lower Nano into Nitro's tunnel. Didn't work so well, since Nano slipped loose, fell 15 feet, hit their head, and died. Well, at least it worked.

    Killing Skull -

    I was hyped on sugar and decided to add to my goal of killing everyone else in the game. I had shears and the two-death rule, so there wasn't really much consequence, and it would be insanely ironic and, well, actually this is karmic retribution of a sort. "Your time to perish has come! No backing out now, accept your fate!" is pretty much an accurate summary of my thought process at that time, I suppose. 60% of the game is close enough, hum. For anyone wondering why I gave Skull a bottle of nitrogen, it's for nitrogen asphyxiation.
  11. The other plans I had, if anyone is curious -

    1: Committing suicide and winning - I doubted I'd be successful in deception (particularly because there'd be no way to frame, persuade and deceive, since I'd be dead) and I technically wouldn't win either, so eh. Reasoning below also applies. Additionally, Skull had managed to find out what I had on me, so the way I was thinking of killing myself was invalid.
    2: Letting Nitro kill me - At the point where I suggested it, it was at a point where getting people on your side was kind of important, so we weren't very confident about being able to convince enough people.
    3: Killing Skull and Mobo both to ensure majority - Not knowing the limitations of Skull's gift, and not knowing how deadly Mobo would be? It was too risky to go for, since one of us getting killed made the whole operation pointless.
    4: Killing Nano and one of them, prior to Skull's invitation - After their trap for Hungurr, I thought they'd both be working together and weren't as likely to be seperate from each other, along with getting killed ruining the point of the killings.
    5: Setting off the bombs and killing everyone - I don't think it would have worked, and someone else might have survived which would kind of ruin the humor.


    Speed Summary of my plans

    Killing Java and Zichy by phosophorus <Successful>
    Ambushing and killing someone through nitrogen asphyxiation <Unsuccessful>: Asked Lukely, they said the cause of death would be specific to 'inert gas asphyxiation', along with Skull electrocuting me and completely rooting through my inventory.
    Exploding Hydrogen tanks <Unsuccessful>: Glass bottles aren't really suitable tanks, ehhhh...
    Murdering someone by getting them to drink nitric acid <Unsucessful>: Plastic water bottles would dissolve.
    Probably a bit more
    The other successful one too
  12. Yea, this was crazy fun. I get that game quality may have been affected by school and work and heckin heck, but agreed, it was very good overall.

    I really hadn't been expecting to be revived, and as a result repeatedly swung between formulating some repeatedly-foiled plans and giving up on victory completely as to just exist for humor.

    The 'being controlled', by my profiteer mentality, turned into owing you one. You took that when you electrocuted me, hah. Yes, I probably scammed you there, but that's why I said 'profiteer'.

    If things had gone a bit differently (namely not all the living players showing up) it might have gone well, although there's still the issue of how we'd get the 'assisted suicide' thing going. Overall a pret good idea though.


    Shoutout to @NetherNitro for, really, being a critical part of this operation. I legitimately could not have gotten this done without your presence, even if you might not think so. Thanketh for being willing to sacrifice yerself, mate.


    Admittedly, a lot of the reason I kept trying at victory was so I would be the only person to have won both games. And humor.

    "34 PAGES": I'm paranoid and make extreme measures to make sure everything goes well, as well as constantly peppering Lukely with questions to ensure so. Further shown by the fact that there's approximately 320 posts (Which would technically amount to another 16 pages) in a Discord DM with Lukely about this (I cannot access the forums from school, so I shift to Discord and pester Lukely there instead, ahaha...) Apologies for probably being a hassle to moderate.

    Goes to show that these games ruin my sanity and I probably need a break, which I probably will never take because... well, I confess that I'm more than a bit competitive and obsessed with victory if I'm motivated enough to pursue it.

    Goes to show, ya.


    Lukely you have just ruined the point of this explanation post. Oh well, I'll stuff a lot of info in here then.

    Or make three posts. What am I doing?


    I might host a game, however I wouldn't be able to do so until the summer, and even then scheduling conflicts are likely, so ignore me for now since I have no way of being certain, and it'd be much later either way.

    ha perish
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
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  13. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Dreams DREAM
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  14. NanoCourse

    NanoCourse Well-Known Member

  15. CC2D0DFE-5B6F-463B-A6A5-98C3DD02AC3A.jpeg
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  16. I'd consider hosting the next game, but I'm not confident in my ability to consistently stay online during the night phases, and I'd also need a bit of help designing a map. I'd probably be willing to try co-modding however, if anyone's interested in working with me.
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  17. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    I feel like the perfect canditate to co-mod with you as i also consider hosting but lack enough time to process stuff all day. The only problem is I dont know the original dangonronpa game so my modding might be innacurate
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  18. I don't think you actually need to know much about the original game, you just need to maintain the whole "murder mystery" thing. I think we can modify the formula as much as we wish, so long as we maintain the basic idea of the players deciding to be murderers or innocents of their own volition. We may want to give them more motivation to kill however. We don't want a repeat of night 3 after all.
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  19. Skullmaster4

    Skullmaster4 Well-Known Member

    I know Cactus_King mentioned this in their writeup, but the main thing we need to improve about this game is the motives. That said, in a forum game it’s pretty difficult to even have compelling motives.

    Having some sort of traitor to the group could be interesting, that’s a concept that the games have mentioned a lot.
  20. Maybe we could give players some sort of temporary benefit(s) after they commit murders. Temporary kill immunity could work. I know I'd be a little more brave ingame if I knew that I couldn't get killed after being the killer. Of course, this immunity would wear off after the night phase (because trials).
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