1. I checked both of yer dorms, nothing of relevance.
  2. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    Ill be a prestative and helpful winner and investigate the ocean for you because im sure thats gonna be 1000000% useful hahaha

    Oh no thats concerning, I am turning into Astatine indeed. Help.
  3. Run.
  4. There's no running from this. Accept your fate!
  5. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    I should have killed you N1 when i had the chance
  6. Hum. That would definitely have been interesting to see.
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  7. So... what's there to do? I mean, if we can't find Nano's corpse, there's absolutely no reason to bother with investigating anything.
  8. I mean, we can banter for eternity.
  9. I suppose.

    Hey guys I'm a ninja.

  10. Entertaining.
  11. Absolutely!
  12. It’s time for the final class trial!


    Hammer is at 2 votes. The trial will last two days, or whenever we hit the hammer.

    It’s worth noting that for this trial, if the killer wins, the remaining two students will be executed and the game will be over.

  13. Entertainment.


    I think we both know what's going on here. Perhaps.
  14. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    Hey guys i made it to Madagascar, ill send ya a postal card!
  15. I assume your logic is "Nitro wouldn't/couldn't have murdered Nano, so it has to be Mobo"?

    If so, that's probably good logic. I know it's my logic with you.


    This is basically gonna be my vote until Nitro turns out to be a better suspect.
  16. [vote] Mobo [/vote]
  17. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    Why arent yall lynching Astatine for murdering skull what the ok
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  18. Assumptions aren't facts!

    I guess I'm obligated to explain now.

    Don't worry, it's about as stupid as one would expect from me.

    Well, later once I actually have something comprehensible.

    Because that was the second kill of the night. No one seems to know who killed Nano.

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