skull gave me permission to do this game please don't hurt me :v
    PG-13 and all that. Little bit of gore only because the whole game revolves around murders, but still shouldn't be too bad, like skull said, not any worse than mafia.

    I'm mostly assuming you played the first game or can look at it and see how it turned out, because this game will be very similar except for some minor changes.

    You are trapped in a location with 11 other players. You can explore to find items to help you during the night phases. During night, you are allowed to do whatever you want, including kill other players. After somebody has died, a trial will take place to decide who the killer is. If you choose the correct person, only the murderer will be eliminated. However, if you choose the wrong person, two random people will be eliminated instead.

    Day phases will last a couple days, nights I believe last a day? Trials will be a couple days as well. Same as the last game.

    Combat will be based mostly on the element of surprise. Basically, if somebody attacks first with your guard down they are usually going to kill you unless it's a weak weapon. Judgement calls might be difficult at times but I'll try my best to keep combat fair.

    I'm probably forgetting a lot. Ask me if you want to clarify anything.

    This is not technically an official game. Obviously I'm not skull, but I have gotten permission to run this from him. Player count will be reduced to 12, just because a full game is a little intimidating and I haven't actually run a game before so this is probably going to go terribly :D

    yes, he gets his own spoiler. Basically, he's not allowed to join due to cheating multiple times across multiple forum games and clearly lacking a basic understanding of what he's doing. If he tries to spam this thread, just ignore him.

    I will not be as nice about cheating as skull, expect a two strike system, but I will play it by year if the offense is more serious. Just don't cheat, alright?

    This is very much still an experimental game, so I would like to try a few things. I don't know how successful they will be, so these are due to change throughout the game.

    1. New gift system - I will be assigning gifts loosely based on talents, however I will give you the ability to request a type of gift from these categories:
    Investigative, Weapon, Utility

    Please include this when you signup, I will compile a list to make public so you may use it as evidence during trials. Keep in mind this when choosing which category you want.

    2. Trial Investigations - Trials will have two investigation credits per person, however I think it would be interesting to also include a "trial investigation". Basically, if you find out a room or object has relevance during the trial, the whole group can vote on an investigation. This may only happen once. Hopefully this buffs the innocents slightly.

    3. Pregame - As soon as you get your private PM, you may start looking around your room. Your doors won't start until everybody has received their PM, but you are allowed to open your gift and do whatever else you want to do in your room.

    4. Investigations - All credit investigations will be public, there is no reason to do them privately. Special investigations such as fingerprints may be done in PM if you want to keep the fact that you can do those a secret.

    5. Monokuma Files and Truth Bullets - A couple quality of life changes. Monokuma files will explain injuries on the body and the time of death (according to how many hours into the night it was)

    Truth bullets will be included in every trial votecount, and will include evidence that has been discovered during the investigations. Hopefully this doesn't trivialize paying attention, since private conversations or testimonies won't be included as truth bullets. This may be reconsidered in the future.

    6. Night Time Rule - Too many people hide in there dorms. If you are not in your dorm when a murder takes happens, you will not be up for random elimination. Hopefully this makes for more interesting nights without outright forcing you to leave your dorm.

    Of course, if there aren't two people in their dorms, people not in their dorms will be up for random elimination too.

    /in to sign up and give me an "ultimate ability" you want to have as flavor. To keep the game fun you should be relatively active, but it's not nearly as activity heavy as mafia. Make sure to read about new things before signing up if you've played previously. Also, include the type gift you want, it's explained in the new changes.

    1. NetherNitro Ultimate Knight (Weapon) Random Execution Trial 3
    2. Astatine Ultimate Hunter (Utility) Executed Trial 1 REVIVED ESCAPED VIA TRIAL 3
    3. Skullmaster4 Ultimate Fencer (Weapon) Killed Night 5
    4. Mobocracy Ultimate Sniper (Weapon) Random Execution Trial 3
    5. Zichy Ultimate Locksmith (Utility) Killed Night 1
    6. Ifiw Ultimate Arts and Crafter (Utility) Killed Night 3
    7. Nanocourse Ultimate Hamster (Utility) Killed Night 5
    8. P1xelBit Ultimate Master of the Art of Demensional Flipping (Utility) ESCAPED VIA RAFT NIGHT 4
    9. Javabrine Ultimate Memer (Weapon) Killed Night 1
    10. Hungurr_The_Astromancer (Weapon) Executed Trial 2
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  2. ultimate ability and gift type?
  3. /in, give me a bit to choose.

    Nitro, being Nitro, will probably be "Ultimate Knight" or "Ultimate Potato" or some shenanigans.
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  4. Skullmaster4

    Skullmaster4 Well-Known Member

    I’ll go ahead and tag some of the most active players from last game if any of you are interested in this one.

    (Sorry if I missed anyone, these are the people I remember off the top of my head)

    @Zichy, @Astatine, @Mobocracy, @NanoCourse, @ifiw.

    This game isn’t being ran by me, but @The_Cactus_King_5000 is my brother and probably one of the few people who would be crazy enough to run a game like this. :p

    Also, /in Ultimate Fencer. I’ll take a weapon gift.

    Just so I can be a cringeworthy self insert.
  5. I'm already signing up

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  6. ;)

    There's a few reasons that I can think of off the top of my head, but heck. (E.g. Testing alibis.)
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  7. What exactly is defined as an 'Utility' item? E.g. what kind of stuff.
  8. Ultimate Knight
  9. hA

    You also need to select one out of (Weapon, Investigative, Utility).
  10. My bad, I should have explained these better.

    Utility is basically anything that doesn't fit into the other two categories, it's the most vague because it's also the one that probably won't get you targeted in any way.

    Stuff you might use to make Traps, Medical supplies, books with knowledge helpful knowledge, Distraction items, that kind of thing. Pretty much a gamble.
  11. Mobocracy

    Mobocracy Well-Known Member


    /in Ultimate Sniper

    Just so we're clear, the gift we get is themed around our talent, but we can request a specific type of gift? If so, I don't see how a sniper could get anything other than a weapon.
  12. I guess I can make rare exceptions, but they should be public by default, I think.
  13. Weapon, Investigative, or Utility is what you can choose from to be based on your ability. I can figure something out for any, probably.
  14. Ultimate Hunter (yes), UTILITY gift.

    Time to be a semi-Vigilante with a 5-hour forum activity raaaaaange
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  15. Also be warned I'm someone who edits things tons before they're official


    time to make Nitro perish

    or a better idea
  16. uhh

    i’m gonna cap weapon gifts at 6. Ya’ll cold blooded murderers.

    I’m gonna need reverse motives so you people don’t act like this is a death match.
  17. Ingame versus real life, I mean.

    And hey, I'm a pretty murderous person (by personality, not actual actions I don't like prison life) and I'm taking a utility gift!

    C'mon people, be a bit chill so I can take initiative and kill everyone
  18. Mobocracy

    Mobocracy Well-Known Member


    Okay, I guess I'll take a weapon gift. I have no intention of being the killer on the first night, but I want a weapon for when I finally do try.
  19. Sorry, late. I'm assuming you want a weapon?

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