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  1. Yeah, only for this skin i started training with awp ( yep, im getting gud with he i hope im not noobing soo much with it in hands )
    Should be really amazing if the awp assinov have on almost same position than this sniper (that i not remenber the name)
  2. You're saying you want the AWP to be as big on the screen as the SSG 08 the other guy posted? That's doable, however then the bow-drawback animations would be in your scope when you're using the gun.
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  3. Yes!
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  4. Wouldn't the big gun in the scope be nuisance?
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  6. nope
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  7. Glad to see you like it. :)

    We'll see if more members of the community wants a bigger AWP, and if it's yes then we'll enlarge it. :)
  8. Pearliron360

    Pearliron360 Active Member

    If you were to do that, please do a special edition for him, I don't like it. :p
  9. That's what I was worried about, a lot of people that use the Barret want their scope to be empty to allow them to simply use the gun better.
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  10. I also want the weeaboo cannon implemented into CvC.
    (can you believe it costs $1000 for that gun, jesus)
  11. This IS GUD
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  12. I have no idea what that is unfortunately. ;-;
  13. Change the title - it still says V 1.10 instead of 1.2.0 xD
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  14. Aug | Akihabara Accept. Part of the Rising Sun collection // No longer obtainable by drop means. You can only get it by buying it from collectors or winning it in jackpots if people put it in
  15. [​IMG]
    I Want a aug skin too! the unique problem is that is a different aug.. what aug he will make ?
  16. We will probably switch the M4A4 Howl with another Carbine reskin then actually make an AUG model for the AUG reskin. :)
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  17. Soon?
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  18. Looking good
  19. Pack updated to version 1.3.0, the updates are:
    - A new crosshair!
    - The StatTrak M4A1-S HyperBeast to replace the G36c, it has an animation on it o:

    Both can be seen in this image:
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  20. Goddamn, that's amazing.
    Love it +1
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