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  1. have you added this into the pack yet?
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  2. omg I'm famous my name is on the front page :O :p
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  3. Okay :D
  4. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    Soon ;)
  5. Pack has been updated to version 1.2.0, the updated full pack download is in the OP. The USP-S was added to replace the HK45 and the AWP Asiimov to replace the bow/Barrett. You can download the AWP Default and replace it yourself using the quick guide in the thread if you like:

  7. Lets get playing to add them to the library ;)
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  8. M4a4 Howl will replace the Aug storm ?
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  9. Yep, the AUG Storm reskin is now the M4A4 Howl. You can use it simply by buying it for 200 coins in-game then enabling it. The USP-S replaced the HK45 in the same fashion. :)
  10. my dreams got destroyed soo fast... i cri.. every time..
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  11. Can you make the aug akihabara accept?
  12. Adding the new guns to library in about half an hour :D
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  13. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    There just were not many interesting AUG Skins sadly
  14. I've never heard of it, is it a skin?
  15. yea download.jpg
  16. Ehm I love your pack it's amazing but the thing that makes me not use it is how the sniper is so small the texture is great and love the look but it's just 2 small I have another pack Min**** converted and that 1 is bigger idk if you can fix that?
    Screenshot_1.png Small in current pack. Screenshot_7.png This 1 is bigger.
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  17. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    That gun from the Min***** pack is also made by the SCP media team, That gun is the SSG08 and if you look at the awp in that pack it is smaller as well. This is so that the gun can actually not be seen when it is scoping. The SSG08 was just an older one before we did that.
  18. Can't you like replace the ssg with the awp so it's large again or? (Sorry I'm a nub when it comes to tpacks <3)
  19. See here what i found, i loved this skin soo much.. and it's like the original aug =D
    Edit : i saw his post in the steam, and saw that have other two colors intead of white,
    Dats really baised into my opinion, plz make the white version <3
    Also @exspozed
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