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  1. (Not sure if this is a bug, or possible to fix)
    - When you reload the gun turns back words

    - The guns are barely visible when they are on the ground
  2. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    The guns sizes can be fixed but I don't know what you are talking about when you reload?

    Thanks ^-^
  3. With the AK and M4, when your right click the gun sorta turns back words. Hard to explain
  4. Weird, we've never heard of something like this, I assume it's related to how the CvC plugin works with the reload animation. I'll talk to @njnja about it.
  5. Its because they are weapons/ tools and the breaking animation of the tool that causes this... (You can sorta see it when you use a HK pistol towards a block) Hard to explain
  6. Yep, I tested it in-game. I don't believe there is any way to fix it on our side. When I reload, the model simply disappears from my POV. It seems like this will be an ongoing issue, but I think it's fine personally. It's a good way of showing you're reloading in my opinion, and that you aren't able to shoot.
  7. Awesome like always xd
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  8. Exspozed, When this resource pack be done, you will move it to the "M" ?
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  9. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    This pack will be for CvC only if you are referring to what I believe you are :)
  10. Thanks for the information, and can i give a suggestion ?
    It's totally baised into a thing that i really want see,
    If us want make a texture for all guns, can us make the aug, make it with some blue textures making it be a ice themed aug,
    I Never seen one ice aug, soo it can be cool, and a bit unique
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  11. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    it is a possibility but we will most likely be doing skins from CS:GO
  12. Make the AUG Storm
  13. As Ish said, it will be for this community only.

    Whether or not we will be making new models for the donor reskins, or simply using the same model with a different skin is not yet established. We are currently considering it. :)
  14. =DD
    But seriously, hope i see my most loved gun into 3D =D
  15. After seeing the poll results from the thread @njnja made, we have decided to create both the Asiimov and the HyperBeast AWP skins. Separate packs with the different skins will be available shortly. The Asiimov will be released first within the next few days. Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement so far!
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  16. The pack has been updated to version 1.1.0. The M4A4 Howl has been added in-game to replace the AUG reskin, and has been put up for individual download/replacement if you do not have access to in-game reskins. :)

    Thanks to @njnja for testing this update : D
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2016
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  17. osk


    osk Member

    M4A4 Dragon King? Mag-7 Heat?

    will those be added eventually? :O
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  18. Considering we just released an M4 skin, we most likely will be focusing on getting skins for the rest of the guns first before going back. However, a MAG7 Heat as the Pump-Action reskin in definetly doable. :)
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  19. The painting on the Howl is copyrighted xD
  20. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    That was the old howl, this howl is the contraband one :p

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