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  1. NOTE: All download information is towards the bottom of this thread.

    CvC 3D Community Resource Pack - v1.4.0 - Created by Podcrash Media


    Please note that this pack is a work in progress, so there will be some imperfections. If you appreciate any of this work, make sure to check out these walls and give them a some encouragement or feedback!


    Want to see the guns in-game before downloading the pack? Check out these awesome reviews made by @NormanAstronaut and @Shayyy_!

    Or, click this thread, shoutout to @NormanAstronautYT for creating it:


    Coordinator @Exspozed
    Modeler & Texturer @Ish_
    Modeler & Texturer @king_marnik
    Modeler & Texturer @FirecatHD
    GFX Artist @k4dude
    Animator @Julescheggs
    Modeler @Lift


    Butterfly Knife Fade
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    StatTrak™ M4A1-S HyperBeast
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture | StatTrak Texture | StatTrak McMETA

    AWP Asiimov
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    USP-S Kill Confirmed
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    M4A4 Howl
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    AWP Default
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    AK-47 Default
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    M4A4 Default
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    MP7 Default
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    XM1014 Default
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    Desert Eagle Default
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    Desert Eagle Conspiracy
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture

    USP-S Default
    created by Ish
    3D Model | Texture


    If you would like to join the SCP Media team, please add me on Skype, @live:exspozedmojang1, and leave a quick message stating why you want to join the media team, and some examples of your abilities.


    For anyone interested in downloading an entire resource packs with all the weapons, 2D and 3D, you may do so from the following link:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pah8qgoitkhlmt/SCP Media - 3D CvC Pack v1.4.0.zip?dl=0

    IMPORTANT: To replace skins, download the individual model of whichever skin you want. Rename the .json file to whatever item you want it to replace, for instance, name it 'iron_axe' to replace the M4A4 in-game. Navigate to the downloaded texture pack .zip, and open it. Go to assets > minecraft > models > item, and paste the individual model .json file that you downloaded. If there is already a file with the same item name, make sure you replace it. Reply down below with further questions.

    For modelers and artists, if you want the individual model .jsons or the texture .pngs, simply click "Model" or "Texture" under the weapons above. For the AWP (bow) drawback animation files, please private message me.

    Here's a virus check of the file for those of you with concerns about its safety:


    To use this pack in Cops Vs Crims, drag the downloaded folder to your resourcepacks folder. Join a game of CvC like you would normally do. Once you get into a game of CvC, hit Escape > Options > Resource Packs, and then enable the texture pack named "SCP Media - 3D CvC Pack v1.0.0" under the Available Resource Packs column on the left, and set it to the top. After that, hit escape again, and you should see all the models! Do note that this texture pack can only overwrite 2D serverside textures, which means only 3D content will be visible to you.


    To @Ish_, a long standing member of SCP Media that decided to tackle this project on and bring you this content. All credit goes to him for creating the initial version of the pack!
    To @njnja, a member of the CvC community I met on the forums. Excellent community liason, told us what the community wanted, tested our models, pointed out errors, and more. This would not have been possible without him, so make sure to thank him as well!
    To @Lift_, for familiarizing us with the community and giving us advice on the logistics of this thread.


    1/21/16 - Pack was released publicly and thread was created.
    1/23/16 - P90 having M4A4 model was fixed.
    1/23/16 - Pack updated to version 1.0.1
    2/3/16 - The M4A4 Howl was added to the pack as a replacement of the AUG, and put up for individual download.
    2/3/16 - The Static Green Crosshair created by @Fooey was added to the pack.
    2/3/16 - Pack updated to version 1.1.0
    2/9/16 - The USP-S Kill Confirmed was added to the pack as a replacement of the HK45, and put up for individual download.
    2/9/16 - The AWP Asiimov was added to the pack as a replacement of the default AWP, and put up for individual download.
    2/9/16 - Pack updated to version 1.2.0
    2/22/16 - The StatTrak™ M4A1-S HyperBeast was added to the pack.
    2/22/16 - A new crosshair oriented for headshots was added to the pack.
    2/22/16 - Pack updated to version 1.3.0
    4/9/16 - The Butterfly Knife Fade was added to the pack.
    4/9/16 - Pack updated to version 1.4.0
    4/30/16 - Another YT review of the pack was added to the thread.

    Hopefully, this thread and textures will make the game more enjoyable for all of you.

    Keep on keeping on,
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  2. Kokeria

    Kokeria Well-Known Member

    Remmi OOF
    Fantastic job guys!
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  3. Byte

    Byte Active Member

    Ive seen your work from another server and it was pretty good, but this is just...woah

    the models look so realistic, its crazy
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  4. N1tsuj

    N1tsuj Well-Known Member

    The Walls WALLS
    Truly amazing! 10/10
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  5. .... the AWP is so smexy....

    might actually use it now
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  6. I'm 100% impressed by this, just one thing:
    it looks like you've literally taken the models from CSGO and put them into CvC
    Although this isn't the case but it looks so realistic
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  7. FalconVIII

    FalconVIII New Member

    Ohh myyy goshhh. Ish is da boss bruh, so smexy ;o
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  8. The models were handmade, where the CS:GO one's where used as a guide. Think of a painter painting something an object he's looking at; it's a similar concept. Thanks for the feedback! :)
  9. The weapons look so sick :eek:
  10. #10
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  11. I loved your pack for minestrike and now I love um
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  12. PxlFalcon

    PxlFalcon Well-Known Member

    Yes this is amazing thanks bb
  13. njm00

    njm00 Well-Known Member

    Expendables 銏EXPD鉠
    Great to see a public release, I know a lot of people are going to enjoy this. :)
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  14. At this point Hypixel needs to make this and all TheScrubBT maps official CvC stuff. Just adding that (should be easy...?) would keep us satisfied till they can do a better update
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  15. Fusion

    Fusion Well-Known Member

    If they made the AWP dragon lore i'd be so happy
  16. Ish_

    Ish_ New Member

    Well soon there will be skins/other models done for the reskins of the weapons so maybe :p
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  17. Trump_

    Trump_ New Member


    - Jurassical
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  18. Looks lovely!
  19. First of all great job, you guys are really talented.

    PERSONALLY I really don't like it. It's to realistic in my oppinion. It just doesn't mix with the pixels that are in MC and CvC. Second 3D texture packs effect my aim by alot, but that's just something I probably need to get used to.
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  20. Thanks! We've recieved a lot of concern about the realism, and that's why the donor reskins are going to be more blocky, to fit in with the MC meta. Try looking at the Deagle Conspiracy in-game to see what I'm talking about. :)

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