1. Razen

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    Hello guys,

    I would like to present you my minecraft 1.8 Custom Head Collection:

    Right now there're more then 2000 heads and I add more whenever I find heads which are good enough (I often improove heads I find myself).

    In contrast to Freshcoal, I also collect well-designed human heads, mostly in medieval style. I dont offer a possibility to everyone to add heads because I want to keep control over the quality of the submitted heads. If somebody got something to submit you can contact me here ;)

    I also categorized the heads and tagged them so you can easily browse them. You can also change the view from list to overview and increase the amount of viewed heads so you can browse the compleate collection quickly.

    Hope you find this helpful, have fun using it ;)

    PS: Got permission from Rosian to post this, just in case there's still a problem with the rules.
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  2. Shian_420

    Shian_420 Well-Known Member

    Ty dis is helpful
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  3. Thank you for providing us with such a large array of heads. I will most likely use these in my future builds! :)
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  4. Nicely done! Looking forward to using this while detailing builds.
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